Ultimate Dubs 2015 – “So it begins”

Ultimate Dubs is the show season opener for us in the UK. For one day in early spring, Telford International Centre becomes the hub of the modified automotive scene . On the Sunday morning, the whole town is alive with the sound of a thousand modified exhausts, wastegates and the excited buzz of petrol heads queuing to see the winter builds they’ve all been following on Instagram finally finished. Friendships are rekindled after the winter hiatus, a massive amount of alcohol and food is consumed, and everybody has a jolly good time.


We organised several shoots before the show to feature in our coverage. We knew our good friend Rob Goodwin had a plan up his sleeve for his infamous RS4; this car has seen more cosmetic changes than Michael Jackson’s face. Rob always like to keep the car looking fresh. This particular incarnation boasts a sunburst metallic orange wrap, with some subtle embossing of his sponsors on the side. Rob added even more of that heavenly red carbon fibre, lightening the load for those monstrous 12 pot Tarox brakes. The whole package is finished off by those Rotiform SPF ET25, 20 x 10.5 all round, finished in copper, with black lips and barrels.


As well as Rob’s RS4, we managed to rattle off a few shots of Al Langford’s beautiful Scirocco. With a fresh coat of stunning House of Colour Candy Red and a set of Cast Rotiform DIA’s, Al’s certainly stepping up the look for this year.

img_0182_16846830351_o img_0231_16660524450_o

Of course the Dub Shows are always well sponsored. Auto Finesse and Wheel Whores are two of the giants in the game right now, and when it comes to trade stands, no one does it better; the displays are quality, the vehicles on the stands are immaculate and, most importantly, they sell premium products that actually work.


Auto Finesse unveiled yet another of their game changers; this stunning BBS kitted MK2 Golf. The guys behind the brand have always been unashamed die hard BBS fans, so their choice of wheel on the newest project was unsurprising;  a set of gleaming magnesium BBSs.



Of course the Auto Finesse Caddy needs no introduction, although some might be surprised that it does actually earn it’s keep, hauling the products around between events. Check out our video of the event below for a few cheeky shots, carrying around a rather expensive load.


 Those Auto Finesse boys sure love gold.

img_0209_16822027816_o img_9759_16847844855_o

Another car making it’s much anticipated debut was Niall O’Dowd’s incredible Cayman. We’d seen the car pop up all over social media the week leading up to the show. With an awesome wheel set up courtesy of Rotiform, a crazy rear spoiler, show cage and gorgeous interior, this car really is the ultimate package.

img_9743_16660265898_o img_0219_16227932193_o

Our good friend Dan Taylor had yet another new set of wheels on his newest acquisition, an E46 M3. Running a set of stepped up OZ Futuras and recently installed Airlift setup, it took well deserved pride of place in front of the Wheel Whores gazebo.

img_9792_16847846525_o img_9871_16821994836_o

There was much hoo-ha about the mix of brands inside this year. It’s called Ultimate Dubs, but things evolve people. Massive hate was passed on by butt hurt fellow enthusiasts. Time and time again we heard;

“Why is that BMW in here?”
“WTF, a Honda!”
“Thats not a dub…”

We, along with many others, welcome the different brands with open arms. The vast majority of them lined the outskirts of the halls, hard parked on trade stands, making up precisely 0% of the actual Show and Shine contingency. The variety was refreshing; they aren’t going to win a trophy, they’re purely there for the enjoyment.

One remark we heard summed it up perfectly: “Get over it, build a better car for next year”

img_9934_16661725869_o img_9951_16660282758_o img_9913_16821998066_o img_0017_16225510584_o img_0212_16660523240_o

Ultimate Dubs is, and will continue to be, one of the best shows on the calendar; it just has a special feeling that you can’t describe. It’s great seeing old friends after the long winter months, whilst making new ones along the way. Show cars debut new looks, sometimes you’re even surprised by a friend with a completely new car that you knew nothing about. Such as a staple of the scene, well known for his high quality and ground breaking builds. Sorry Fish.

Until we return to the Telford International Centre in November….

Media by Matt Clifford & Phil Hulton.

You can check out our video here: https://vimeo.com/123077764


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