Porsche 993 Carrera RSR – “Unicorn”


Porsche 911s are widely renowned as one of the most accomplished driver’s cars on the planet. From the original 2.0 flat 4 aircooled cars of 1963, to the present day 991 3.8 injected flat 6, the evolution of the car is both technologically innovative, yet instantly recognisable. Whether 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive, N/A or with 2 dirty great turbos strapped to it, everyone knows, and respects, the 911.


Arguably, the 993 is the best of the breed. The last of the true air cooled monsters. A standard Carrera 2S can sell for a cool £50k now. A sorted last of the line Turbo S, resplendent with it’s carbon-ceramic brakes and a cool 450bhp will cost you upwards of £125k now. Porsche only ever made 183 of them, 23 of them being right hand drive.


That should give you some indication as to the rarity, and value, of what is undoubtedly the ultimate 993: The daddy, the last true air cooled monster…

The 993 Carrera RSR.


With just 23 of these being produced by Stuttgart, 7 of which were right hand drive, it’s the second rarest road car they’ve ever built, eclipsed only by the 1984 SC-RS. It’ll cost you well over a million dollars to pick one of those up now, if you can find one.

This particular Polar Silver car was supplied by Porsche of Lancaster on the 5th January, 1996, and has only covered 25,000 miles to date. It currently resides in a private collection.


If you like your cars to cosset you in nappa leather and waft you along in silent, effortless wonder, this is definitely not for you. If you want to feel like Walter Rohl every time you need some milk from the shop; step right in.


Getting into the car itself is no mean feat. It’s obvious from the fairly substantial door bars that this thing is designed for one thing only- to be driven hard. The driving position, once you’ve actually manouvred yourself in, is utter perfection. The steering column is lengthened from the standard Carrera 2 this is based on, as well as the seat being mounted lower (because racecar.Sorry.) It still starts from a regular key, but the moment that incredible 3.8 flat 4 starts up, you know you’re in no standard road car. The noise is breathtaking; loud, raw, unfiltered automotive pornography. The paddle clutch is heavy, the brakes need what can only be described as a manly stamp to make them work when cold-this is a real car!16318993725_c8fc1efac3_k16131404918_8c5256c339_k

From the outside, I love how much it’s not pretending to be anything other than a race car for the road. Everything on it serves a purpose; from the frankly crazy rear wing, to the magnesium centre lock BBS wheels. Running a 30mm wider track than the standard RS, and with totally bespoke suspension, those widened Turbo arches aren’t just for show. With rear wheel drive and rear mounted 340bhp NA engine, it can safely be referred to as “a handful.”


I’m just sad I couldn’t take it home with me.

You can check out the video ( and hear it) here:

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