Mat’s BMW E36 328i Coupe

Through Winter one of our UK Team has been building an E36 Coupe for a bit of fun while he sidelines his other project. Mat decided he wanted it to be very subtle with slight changes to give it a clean look and just managed to get it ready for Eurosunday 2015, when we got to the hotel we got a couple of images with its new look.


“Driving to Eurosunday is the test for this car, we have covered 15 miles how it sits now as we finished building it 10pm last night”
Unfortunalty for Mat this meant that at the 1st meeting point it was up on the jack to put some rubber holders back in the rear springs as he had took a perfect layer of paint off the top of lips of the freshly painted Z3M wheels. Static life problems!


Once this was sorted it sat a couple of MM higher, luckily there were no more issues through the journey, the BMW got us there and back safely and never skipped a beat.


At this point the car is near enough finished with just a few littles touches to go and it will be 100% complete to where Mat wants it. It is a 328i (2.8 litre, Straight 6) running a m50 inlet manifold and a John Ashley Exhaust which was done the week after Eurosunday. To finish the engine off Mat is contemplating a remap to get the most from the engine.


The E36 is static running 2 way coilovers, camber adjustment coilovers on the front wound all the way down, custom rear springs with Z3 top mount supports. The wheels are oem+ being off a Z3M and are 17″x7.5j ET25 Fronts and 17″x9j ET8 Rears wrapped in 195/40 and 205/40 tyres.


One of the major changes with Mat’s car is his Custom fibreglass ducktail bootlid which was imported and customised to make it a perfect fit. It is also running a full M-sport kit and sidestrips with changing all bumper strips to pre95 so they are smooth plastic and not textured plastic like they should be on his. This gives the car a cleaner look with them being a smooth black instead of the off grey.


To give the coupe it’s clean and sleek look Mat wanted the wings, bonnet and boot to be smooth, this meant getting rid of badges and side repeaters, then Mat added some carbon dipped grilles to the front to get rid of all chrome pieces. To finish it off he added rear lights with tinted indicators and the front lights have a shroud in to make the that slight bit darker to finish it all off amber front indicators were added.


On the inside everything has been exchanged for black with a Zilla gear knob and M-Tech III Steering wheel out of an E30. When the car was bought the interior was all grey with cloth seats, this was methodically stripped and replaced with black leather sport seats and complete black carpets/dash/roof lining and pillars. Then for the all important sound he has custom made a ported box for a 12″ JL W3V2 Dual voice coil Sub running of a JL 500.1 V2 amp; combined with 6.5″ JL components up from and 4″ in the rear running of a Pioneer Headunit.


For the future Mat’s looking at a remap to get the most power from the engine and also wants some new front seats and then just enjoy it. This was never built as a “Show Car” for him as he just wanted something that looks and drives nice to enjoy while travelling around Europe doing shows.

  One thought on “Mat’s BMW E36 328i Coupe

  1. James
    April 30, 2016 at 10:40 am

    Where did he get the custom rear springs from? Car looks spot on btw 👏


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