Players Classic 2015 – “Gentlemen do Goodwood”

Airlift, Rotiform, and, most recently, Monster Energy twice a year give us the automotive extravaganza that is Players. The first being Players Classic, the second is the main event at North Weald Airfield. Both have an awesome atmosphere and achieve attendance into 6 figures! The historic Goodwood circuit, first raced on in 1948, plays host to the Classic event. Steep in not just motoring heritage, Goodwood is a staple part of British culture, and provides an idyllic setting for the show.

motorcircuit-old-grid-470x313 racetower

Some of the finest cars from Europe find themselves crammed into the Goodwood Paddock, which is a special Show and Shine event run by the good people of Airlift. The limted, and very coveted spots require applicants to receive confirmation via email, and the surrounding areas are well utilised, with awesome machines to be seen in every direction. Trade stands reside in a small village area on the far side of the track, through the tunnel.


Jake Hilling’s Beetle always manages to blow us away. His dad and he have built this car from a bare shell, Jake having owned the car since he was 14. They both have a passion for cars like no other. The cream and powder blue Beetle looks perfect sat on the deck, with the skateboard/BMX touches and killer stance. This is one Air-cooled beastie we can truly appreciate. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming feature on Jake & his dad, and this amazing car.

players-2015_18157452824_o players-2015_18592049078_o players-2015_18593913319_o players-2015_18774886982_oplayers-2015_18782592531_o

Nicolas Wlostowski made the journey over from Belgium in his stunning Karmann Ghia. Nic has his own business called 2Polished, which specialises in custom three piece split wheels. The Karmann is the perfect repository for his talents, with this epic set of smoothies made into three piece wheels.

The car has had a full respray over winter, and has some unique touches; not least of which is the lace effect painted roof. The hard work has definitely paid off, with the car featuring amongst the Top 20, and taking away the highly contested Meguairs’ trophy for Best Paint. Well done Nic!


Our sassy friend Queen B, AKA Becky Evans, has gone against the grain and dropped her E21 on some Rotiform BM1s. For those of you who are unaware, the wheel is a throwback to the now fantastically rare M1 supercar, built by BMW in the 80s to race in the ProCar Series, which was scrapped not long after BMW entered. BMW were then left with 435 race cars they had no use for, so they turned some into road going machines, which could make some modern day supercars hot under the collar. The rest were given their own race series, the imaginatively titled ProCar BMW M1 Championship.


We think the off the wall design suits Becky’s BMW E21 perfectly. One has excellent taste.

players-2015_18159700623_o players-2015_18593714269_o

Dean’s Lotus Espirit is a real head turner, being the first Lotus Espirit on air. A genuine world first by the plucky Brits. The car has a rather drastic engine swap, with the 3.0 V6 Alfa Romeo engine having been shoehorned into what is renowned to be a space a infant dormouse would find snug. The level of detail and workmanship is fantastic; Dean even went to the trouble of cutting the centre from one rocker cover and flipping it 180 degrees, so that the Alfa Romeo moniker is legible from both sides of the car. It’s the little things. A few eyebrows were certainly raised when people looked through the clamshell to see what beating heart now lies within the fibreglass beast.


Nicolas Pritchard’s Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 blew us away. We don’t normally shout about Fords, but this thing is a concours champion, and considering most are cosseted away in moisture free cocoons in private collections, it’s truly refreshing to see Nick actually use his. No trailer queen here.

players-2015_18157821224_o players-2015_18753591686_o players-2015_18775421782_o

You would think one stanced Hillman Imp would be a rare sight, but two would be “Imp”ossible. (Sorry, I know – Si.)

Robert’s Dark green bagged example is a true thing of beauty. It’s so tiny, and looks great on the deck. The super rare Ronal splits are the icing on the cake of what is a fantastic build.

players-2015_18159605513_o players-2015_18780350885_o

Another car which made the trip across the channel is Kevvy’s rather hard-core E30. Kev is well known and respected in the car scene, and he knows a thing or two when it comes to building cars to the highest of standards. His E30 is a symphony in grey and brown. The VIP Modular wheels in their bronze finish looks mind boggling in person, and paired with Accuair management the car has a purposeful stance. The interior of the car can only be described as “stripped”, with more than a few race car nods dotted throughout.

players-2015_18592044360_o players-2015_18775328842_o players-2015_18779911825_o

Johann’s incredible W108 drops our jaws every time we see it. This car makes a statement! Stacklights are cool by proxy; chuck in the insane tuck on those monster billets, American spec front end, the incredible air install, and the brave decision not to paint it black, and it’s no wonder it won Car of The Show at Ultimate Stance last year.

players-2015_18592061538_o players-2015_18592368760_o

How about this pair of white beauties? Both the same colour, but other than that, polar opposite in their briefs. Tom Heap’s Mercedes 300CE is a staple part of the UK scene at the moment, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s an incredible build, and its presence is commanding. Actually getting Dave’s GTR sat still long enough to get a decent look at it was a rare treat; this thing is FAST!

players-2015_18592386108_o players-2015_18592407578_o players-2015_18592621348_o players-2015_18753841246_o players-2015_18782363761_oThe BMW crowd were all out in force this year, with shark nose beauties lying in wait for unsuspecting prey around the paddock.

players-2015_18780301475_oZac’s Mk1 debuted its new OZ Turbos over the weekend, and the ghosted FORGE text along the lower sill really set the car off. It’s has been finished immaculately, down to the last stainless nut and bolt. The car has the full package when it comes to building a show winning MK1, as well it should be, with Forge being the Mk1 kings. Their Berg Cup inspired demo car is a thing of legend. If you’ve not seen (or heard) it before, check it out below.

players-2015_18780243355_o players-2015_18774943212_o players-2015_18592208510_o

Mr Gilbert bought his big balling Audi A6 along. Can’t be many company cars running a set of polished 21″ Rotiform CCV’s, can there? It’s a hard life Henry.


WCS’ friend Kat’s MK5 was parked in the middle of the grass area, with her other half Steve lurking in the distance with his MK6. The “King and Queen of Scene” have garnered their fair share of hate over the last couple of years, but no matter what, their cars are built to crazy standards and are always presented perfectly.


Special mention has to go to The Governors Club founder, and good friend, John Ludwick Jr. He left New Hampshire on the Wednesday before the show, to be picked up by our good friend Bruce Holder. In his case he had a few special items, in the form of bags and hardware for Bruce’s stunning Mercedes W108. They got straight to it on the Thursday, travelling down to Area 52 in Bristol. After 48 hours solid work, the car was finally on it’s wheels and driveable at 04:30 on the Saturday. An hours sleep, and they were on their way. Bruce and John travelled down in his infamous Land Rover, with Dave Robertson piloting the sumptuous W108. John was so tired, he managed to fall asleep in the completely unprotected cabin. At 75mph. It’s stories like this that make the car scene what it is. Bravo boys!

image1 2

(Thanks for the pic Bruce!)

Players Classic is always a fantastic day, even if the weather is sometimes a little “British”. You can check out our video of the day below, filmed through the ever capable lenses of Matt Clifford & Phil Hulton.

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