Eurosunday 2015 – “Belgian Sun”

Cloudless skies; blaring obscure German techno-house; girls in hot pants, indescipherable tattoos displayed for all to see – That’s what good European shows are made of. Kristof and the Eurosunday boys didn’t disappoint:

The first sight to greet us upon arrival, taking (quite literally later in the day) centre stage, was Tony Kersbergen’s incredible Porsche 356. This thing is the real deal. No fibreglass involved.


The aircooled boys were certainly well represented in other ways, with a stunning array of Beetles and Type 2s…

18086883843_813b263e8f_z 18095598794_6be379aea4_z18584980096_5a65bd118b_z18087890243_a9a7b316c6_z18531951139_ce02dd5d11_z18711871231_5c534b5715_z

…Ben Gorssen’s Brazilia, which may or may not have stolen the show a little for us…


…a few slightly more off the wall offerings, including the awesome little Trabby…

18088849753_2881d12d68_z 18522972079_37d8f48c67_z 18703547182_227f46a68e_z

…and this 964. The attention to detail on this was ridiculous. Chrono pack, full cage, 996 GT3RS seats… Nothing quite like a heavily modified flat 6 to stir the soul.

18720492611_73fa5013e8_z18613768671_6fb81712fc_z18423917010_21f69d172f_z 18425426689_08365bd65b_z  18611615035_f3d0e46f0a_z

When describing modified French automobiles to others, the words “boy racer” tend to crop up in conversation somewhat. So it was refreshing to see more than a few tastefully modified gallic creations there, with nary a jap-can in sight.

18682435196_6a49e01373_z 18522219069_daec91b624_z18087198803_c9e7694d27_z 18711818631_4a3c3041fd_z

Of course, the VWs outnumbered pretty much everything…

 18088289693_c8c8eec084_z18531777729_3f0082ef57_z 18097515213_b57346a996_z 18711053721_1ff9d57fb5_z18529012380_fb7ac94df7_z18087597193_58e8066cb6_z18086570004_daeda16cd3_z18712302991_c7f9fcd92f_z18088897903_9728d419da_z

…with the Audis following closely behind.

18520889228_ba1c23813d_z 18521581859_10afc82c9d_z18095671504_26d422ff52_z18088232393_f7ee34368a_z  18519886870_130b020de8_z18707796755_2a54a7a886_z

It’s nice to see the humble MkIII making a come back on the scene, with a fair few very well done examples there on the day.

18086494694_dfbf5ab2d5_z 18530460779_0203374c11_z18521679770_8569824337_z  18096655703_790a4a43a7_z

2015 seems to be the year of the Porsche. Seeing one well done 964 was once a rare thing indeed, now they seem to be growing massively in popularity. With prices climbing ever higher, it’s good to see. These two, along with the orange one above, are certainly raising the bar.

18682184196_58f9880b84_z 18703961722_c37471cd89_z

Every year the British effort seems to grow stronger and stronger. It was good to see Mr.Loose and the DubFiction guys arrive en masse…


…as well as Faz and the Dapper UK guys, who came over with us on the Saturday.


Special mention has to go to Jamie who, in typical Players’ style, decided the night before the show that he’d make the journey over in the Mk1.


James Harper’s spanking new centre lock Ultraleggeras made their first outing here. Oof.

18519882078_02ed5aa09d_z 18681973526_70723a149b_z

Along with the usual VAG offerings, the Bavarian Motor Works’ fans certainly made their presence known. The blue E3 was drawing some pretty big crowds throughout the day.

18704051982_16aeb5b54e_z 18703533882_df9a8bbf7b_z18720498901_7f7b0d87f1_z18585191616_10007d5648_z 18522061648_76291e447f_z18607095322_e85ab95394_z

The attention to detail in some of the builds was sublime.

18712187431_7ebcdc02e0_z 18087308054_85c0ee9d47_z 18095430104_237215364a_z18423983898_418c3d98c9_z 18425562859_dd2ee737e4_z 18519920208_cd99726d8a_z 18521118898_bd513037e3_z 18522139050_01e2ce1fd8_z  18682658286_1c7d90cc28_z

If you’ve never been, you need to. This is without a doubt one of the best one dayers on the European calendar. We can’t wait until next year…


You can check out all shots in the albums here:

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