FittedUK 2015 – “The Great British Summer”

It was our very own pro ‘tog Mat Bedworth’s first experience at FittedUK this year, and from the excited Snapchat updates we were receiving all day, it definitely won’t be the last. With everything from flawlessly finished rarities laying frame on the obligatory airride, to what are basically undriveable race cars with number plates slapped on, it impressed the rest of us too.


The event is held at Wetherby Racecourse, and has grown impressively from last year, spanning both sides of the pony track. FittedUK prides itself on being a show for all the family, with lots of entertainment on offer for the kids, and a veritable menagerie of trade stands, peddling everything from clothing to cleaning products (for the big kids).

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The standard of cars was exceptional this year. We remarked more than a few times how much the judges had their work cut out.


Friend of WCS Lea’s E36 was looking ridiculously shiny, as per. Static simplicity at it’s finest.


The separate VAG and NON-VAG Show and Shine areas gave the show a nice flow, and worked a lot better than we expected it to. It’s nice to see people thingking outside the box.


Just to remind us that we were in Weatherby rather than SoCal, the beautiful summers day eventually turned into a British summers’ day. The open stage showcasing the owners and their builds was hampered somewhat by this, but it was still a nice idea, and us plucky Brits stuck it out until the bitter end!

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Andy Purcell’s stunning Scirocco on Bradas  really caught our eye. Classy and simple, this is exactly the kind of stuff we like. So glad that Zane and the team’s creations are finally getting the recognition they deserve over here.


Some of the Bavarian beauties being churned out at the moment are mindbending. Henry’s E36 managed to steal the show a bit for us. Again.

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Same with the wheels; the standard of rolling hardware people are building/detailing now is just in another league to how it was even a few years ago. Progress is a good thing…

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All photography by Mathew Bedworth.

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