MIVW 2015 – “WCS on tour”

MIVW is a massive show for our UK staff. The whole weekend is a huge adventure, with the opportunity to see and shoot some of the best cars on the scene today, as they all flock to one of the biggest and most established events in Europe.


With some uncertainty as the whether the show would actually take place this year due to possible building plans in place at Valkenburg Airfield, the Brits travelling over were poised to book accommodation and ferries once some details were announced. The NH Leeuwenhorst Hotel has always been the official place to stay for the show, and most of the show’s car’s owners stay there over the weekend, partying all night in the underground and rooftop car parks. It really is quite an atmosphere to take in.

We’ve had experience of staying at the NH Hotel before, and, in all honesty, weren’t overly impressed. So we decided to find accommodation elsewhere, with plans of making a proper weekend of the trip. We managed to find a stunning penthouse apartment, located on the outskirts of Amsterdam, overlooking a stunning man made basin. Air conditioned underground parking, a house cat and some minimalist interior design quickly swayed us.

sunset-from-balcony_20443560061_o sunset-view_19813751703_o sunset-view_20246649400_o sunset-view_20434666385_omivw-2015_20014385188_o

The accommodation provided a fantastic base for us, being in a central location to everything we needed. Knowing the cars were secure on the streets of Amsterdam was certainly a weight off. We were able to head into central ‘Dam and enjoy the “sights”. Phil and Dan took full advantage of being able to sample the “local delicacies”.

Over the course of the weekend, we’d had organised several feature shoots to add into our media coverage, one of which was a double feature of Mario and Marcus’s Porsche combo that debuted at Worthérsee earlier this year. The infamous Cayman and Panamera are vibrant, different and have so many subtle touches that make these cars truly epic builds. Love or hate them, you have to admire the craftsmanship and eye for detail that’s gone into them.


Marcus has widened the Porsche Panamera quite a bit on the rear, and you would be forgiven for thinking its a factory built body. The finish on the arches and door shuts really are that good. The interior has been given just as much attention. The mirrors on the car are genuine aircraft grade carbon fibre; the paint has been airbrushed over to give a gradient effect. It’s the little touches like this which separate good builds from amazing builds.


The wheels are a fully polished, three piece monsters from the crazy guys over at Messer. They look amazing under those huge arches. Your eyes can’t help but be drawn to the contrasting yellow, not to mention huge, Porsche calipers hidden away behind them. Another amazing piece of craftsmanship is where the E Level controller is mounted; it’s been perfectly blended into the interior strip that follows across the centre of the dash. It can pop out when needed, and be pushed back in totally flush with the strip. Details people, details.

e-level-controller_20434578895_o porsche-panamera-interior_20425854282_o

Moving onto Mario’s Cayman, you’ll probably remember this car in its old guise of red and gold. The new, reinvigorated styling is a true eye catcher; that huge rear wing and front splitter and moulded from finest kevlar, and the green weave really sets them apart. When rolling, the word “aggressive” doesn’t even being to describe it. It’s hard!

rad48-wheels_19813372483_o rad48-porsche_20440596431_o

These two showcase just how incredible the work coming out of Europe really is at the moment. It was great to finally meet Mario and Marcus, and for them to hang around after the show to let us shoot the cars before the long drive back to Germany was pretty awesome of them. Thanks guys, we owe you a weak British beer.

rad48-porsche_20246467418_o rad48-porsche-cayman_20246138380_oporsche-mivw_20440479811_o

So the day of the main event rolled around, and its safe to say it didn’t disappoint. Some of the biggest sponsors and traders in the scene were in attendance, the best cars from Europe were there; all helping towards a vibe that could rival a Balearic island party.


Race liveries seem to be all the rave at the moment; how about this Audi Sport theme B7 RS4?
We really like the colour scheme, especially tucking a stunning set of Rotiform TMB’s with hidden hardware.

flgnotl-m3_20436973905_o mivw-2015_20176149526_o rad48-e46_20250367039_o

As the show was getting into full swing, Waldemar and Philipp rocked up and caused a stir in there aggressive stanced BMWs. MIVW has slowly turned into a german car show over the years, as enthusiasts are reaching out to the various other automakers to put there touches on them. Wald’s E46 has a set of custom fully polished Rad48’s that are crazy wide and have flawless fitment all around.

Philipp’s E92 is running a set of Candy Gold Vip Modular wheels. Not as aggressive as the E46, but still a hell of a sight against the Alpine White paint.

mattys-mk1_20436580555_o players-jays-mk1_20410400306_o mk1-volkswagen-golf_20249121078_o

MK1 Golfs were strongly represented this year, with some of the cleanest and most talked about examples worldwide turning heads on the rows of show cars. On the subject of the rows, we’re slightly disappointed at the amount of standard (or, frankly, terrible) cars that were allowed to share the same area as some of the best builds. We personally think they need to start using an application process for the Show and Shine, to stop some of the better cars missing out.

We also manage to fit in two other small features in; Matt Payne’s sublime bagged 190E, and Frederik’s gorgeous MK1 Scirocco. Both great builds, but both very different in style. Frederik’s Rocco is very well known and respected in our little world, but Matt’s Merc is a new kid on the block. Running a set of three piece custom Mercedes mono blocks and a crazy air install in the rear, he’s certainly showing off what his company “Only Charged Dubs” can do with freedom, imagination and a limited budget.

frederiks-mk1-scirocco_20247398079_o matt-paynes-190e_20247480009_o


MIVW never fails to create some ever lasting memories that will stay with us forever; from the “interesting” 8 hour ferry crossing there, and back, we had loads of laughs along the way. It’s incredible how welcoming people are to us Brits at the European events.

Apologies for the lack of photo coverage; it was only our videographers that went this year. On the upside; EPIC VIDEO!

matts-bmw_19666598174_o matts-bmw_20289198525_o matts-bmw-840-ci-inside-the-nh-hotel_20407916036_o

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