Forge Motorsport Action Day – “Keep it in!”

Castle Combe’s “Action Days” are very well thought of amongst the car community. From “Spring Performance” day in April, to September’s final “Mini” day, the small Wiltshire circuit has been playing host to these very special events for 30 years. They’re a fantastic opportunity to see a vast range of cars, and “Forge” day is widely known to be one of, if not the best; from race-ported, Time Attack winning RX7s, to ground up built, aired out Mk2 Golfs-there really is, to use the old adage, “something for everyone.”

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Forge Motorsport are a company so ingrained in car culture, you can find their products for sale everywhere, from the US to Indonesia. Their stuff is legendary for reliability, durability and for being some of the best on the market. From humble beginnings back in 1994, Pete and the team now have their own CNC machine shop, and proudly proclaim that anything with their name on it is “MADE IN BRITAIN.” So, once a year, on what’s usually a beautiful British August weekend (it dried up this year. Eventually…) they like to let their hair down.


One of the main attractions for the crowds are the rounds of the BDC (British Drift Championship), that Forge have here every year. The standard of driving of (some of) the competitors is just mind bending. WCS’ friend Marc Huxley was there, driving his rare as you like RA28 Celica right on the limit. You can check out footage of him and the others in the link to the official Forge video (shot by none other than our own Matt Clifford, Phil Hulton and Si McNally) at the bottom of the article.

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The incredible Chris Putt Motor Engineering FD RX7 was out in force during the day. Piloted by the more than capable Steve Putt, the LS7 engined monster was, when not being black flagged for breaking noise regs, terrorising lesser cars out on the circuit. This thing is insane. Mr.Clifford managed to blag a session out on track with Steve, and was brought back in suitably terrified. And sweaty. Good job Steve!

Again, you can see in car footage in the official video.

This incredible Liberty Walk kitted R35 drew in consistent crowds all day. It may not be European, but it definitely deserves a mention. The transmission oil cooler peaking out of the back where the exhaust would normally be should give you an indication as to how serious a bit of kit this is.

J41A8322 J41A8320

Every year this show gets bigger, and better. It’s definitely a firm favourite with the crowds, and the oversubscribed club stands this year certainly show that it’s going from strength to strength. Bring on 2016…

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You can watch the offical video here:

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