Players 9.0 – “Hooning Around”


If the age old cliche that “variety is the spice of life” is to believed, then Players is without a doubt the vindaloo of the UK car scene. Nowhere else, in the UK at least, will you find the variety, and standard, of automobile found at your average Players gathering.

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Version 9.0 was no exception, with North Weald yet again playing host to some of the best (and most diverse) automotive creations out there at the moment. The air was crisp, the music had dropped, and the unmistakable scent of a million different waxes was in the air…

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As the showground started to fill up, it quickly became apparent that people weren’t afraid to risk their wheels, or sanity, on what could’ve been a dull and dreary end of summer Sunday. It turned out to be anything but.

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One of our favourite cars of the day was Bekir Iskender’s stunning E39 540i. Fresh out of the bodyshop, it was rolling on custom 19″ 3pc Alpina Softlines with an Airlift V2 setup. Simple but effective.

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The Players’ Hangar brought us what we’ve come to expect; world class builds…

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…as well as The Hoonicorn. Being able to get this close (but not in it, honestly Jamie!) was a pretty awesome experience. The level of detail is nuts, especially considering it’s sole purpose is to be driven HARD!

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Tom Lilico’s Z3 3.0 is just on another level. Fresh Estoril Blue paint, rolling on 17″ 3pcs built from Lamborghini Diablo centres, with full Accuair Switchspeed management and AirLift bags. The custom exhaust sounded the nuts on the saturday night, in our hotel’s underground car park. Sorry Harlow.

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Nice to see Rory Hamilton’s W115 and James Aveil’s W114 together at last. These things are sublime. Rory travelled all the way to Austria to find his rare as you like ’74 240D automatic, and his mega in depth build is coming ever closer to completion.

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Outside, the Show & Shine, club stands and public car park threw up more than a few interesting finds.

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The front of the Airlift hangar played host to some impressive machinery. Steve Fraser’s new S3 saloon is killing it. The white MK2 Jetta Coupe caught our eye too, along with Charlie Sixbe’s MK5, resplendent in it’s custom designed “Golf” wrap.

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Nick Singh Sahota’s masterpiece of an E30 M3 on Bugatti EB110 centre-locks was there, along with his newly acquired recreation of Steve Soper’s 1988 BTCC RS500. They were amongst the hardest things to photograph all day, and it’s not hard to see why really. The crowds loved them. So do we. Unfortunately Nick couldn’t make the day, but Callum from Ergen Motorsport and Shakey from Studio Incar drove the cars over. I’m sure they took some pursuading.,.

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Car of the Show went to the ex DriftWorks’ mega-VIP Nissan President. 4 pump hydros and reverse wires  = a well deserved win. This is a well built car!

 21582956656_4ed3d716eb_z 21610871196_bb85e44765_z

Without a doubt, it was one of our favourite shows of 2015.


Sorry Jay…


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