Westside Treffen – “Laidback Lounging”

Westside Treffen is well known for being one of the most laid back automotive events on our sceptered isle. The smell of Jamaican BBQ food in the air mingling with that of freshly cut grass, chilled out music, great friends and some awesome show and shine cars definitely made the vibe hard to beat.


The show is predominantly a VAG event, but is open to all marques (within reason). We love the size of the show; it’s small enough to stay friendly, and hasn’t become impersonal and outgrown itself like some others. It’s perfect for a nice little wander around with friends. And with it being just off the M40 near Beaconsfield, it’s also easily accessible for most of us.

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The organisers are strong Mk1 enthusiasts, so they’re always very well represented. They even get their own little corner of the show ground. It’s a veritable kaleidoscope of beautiful boxes, sitting resplendent in their unashamedly retro, glossy colours.


Carl Shakespeare bought along his E30 M3. Oh, sorry, that’s Nicks 😉 . Those Bugatti EB110 BBS centrelocks are utter pornography. The race car livery theme is gaining massive momentum in the car community. We’re looking forward to seeing what funky and unique ideas somebody will come up with next.

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With the show being so laid back, we finally got chance to have a good luck around Steve’s S3 Saloon. It made a refreshing change to be able to get decent quality photos without people standing in the way. The super tranquil setting provided the ideal spot for some impromptu shots, with the gold course in the background the perfect backdrop. Steve’s rare S3 is sporting the latest wheel to emerge from the mystical Rotiform wheel locker. We love the design, and think the possible applications could be interesting. It’s also running Airlifts Latest management system, “3H”. It’s a massive leap forwards from the now industry standard V2, rivalling Accuair’s E Level with self-levelling sensors. The icing on the cake is the well thought out iPhone app, which can be used to adjust the car remotely, from anywhere. Your move, Accuair.

J41A9503-2 J41A9404-2 J41A9386-2

One of our highlights from the day was seeing Matt Francis’ Karmann Ghia finally hit the tarmac. Matt is the mad scientist behind the “Pure Customs Projects”. The Karmann has been a long term project, and has sat covered in dust for years being built and perfected, ready its maiden voyage. It was great to finally see the the “Pussycat of The Road” ripping along the motorway with fellow Dub Club brother Vick in MK2, side by side. Matt’s Karmann has been left without the chrome bumpers to give it that smooth look. The home built air set up utilises several different air management components, and rolls on fully polished MAM splits. Running on twin Garret carbs, it’s certainly got the legs to catch out more than a few unsuspecting motorists.


Another car that Matt Francis has worked his magic on is WCS videographer and photographer Matt’s BMW 840Ci. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two years, you’ll know this car by now, both through our social feeds and Matt’s personal accounts. He made the brave decision (brave because that bumper is £1,000+) to remove and smooth the front plate plinth, which has made the front of an already aggressive looking car 1,000,000 times harder.

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The BMW Category was another interesting section, with some of the best builds rocking up to bask in the sun. Joey’s E36 Cab, as always, looked epic with the contrasting red interior, stepped up BBS RSs and what can only be described as “aggressive” fitment all around. Beaker’s red E39, which we loved at Players, didn’t fail to amaze again. The custom built three piece Alpinas just compliment the timeless shape so perfectly. This is definitely one of our favourite cars on the scene right now. Hats off to Jamie Hitchcock and his static Z4 on Works Meisters. He runs the car crazy low, but it does look absolutely epic on the move. You’re a braver man than any of us.

J41A9461-2 J41A9459-2

One car we have been looking forward to seeing in person is this stunning Mercedes W129 SL500. The car just exudes effortless retro class, with wide fitment on Cerberus wheels. It looks epic aired out on the floor. We unfortunately only snapped them leaving the show. If this is yours, get in touch, we would love to organise something!

J41A9496-2 J41A9416-2 J41A9414-2

As Westside is just around the corner for the Dapper UK guys, they were out in force. Aarons EK Civic has had a massive revamp; with a massive Turbo, beautifully smoothed bay and several other performance tweaks really completing the build and keeping the car fresh. The new set of CCWs certainly hasn’t done it any harm at all either. Westside was, once again, a chilled out mellow affair; great company, epic food and a ship sized barrel of laughs. Cars are what we enjoy, and make an incredible basis for true friendships. Until next year…

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