H2Oi (OCMD) 15′ – “A Storm in Paradise”



One weekend during fall, the every bit as picturesque as it sounds Ocean City, Maryland, plays host to thousands of gear heads. With the sound of screaming four bangers, smooth sixes and ripping eights reverberating all around, the Coastal Highway during the H2Oi weekend is the place to be to see every type of build imaginable.
The variety of cars on the move throughout the whole event was staggering. From the obligatory Germans, to incredible Imports and Domestics, there was something for everyone.
Subtely modified Mk1 Rabbit or Scirocco Sir? Certainly…
Perhaps Sir would prefer something a little more modern. A Cayman S on air might suffice?
A raft of non-compulsory activities were also available; sedan based rowing, hopping curbs in Mazdas and, if you were really lucky, getting arrested.
Josh’s Mk4 Jetta is a prime example of how important H20i weekend is in the show calendar. After doing a flat repair at work on a Honda Fit, in September, he fell in love with this sherbet blue color. He decided the car absolutely had to be this colour, in time for the show…and here it is. It looks fantastic.
 Kevin’s Audi S4, recently wrapped Tiffany blue, made quite the impression. With brakes from Porsche Cayenne Turbo, a full Airlift Performance setup and bespoke, fully polished HRE 441Rs, it had our attention from the very start.
With hurricane warnings in full effect and winds reaching 40 MPH, it wasn’t quite the weather we all hoped for. But, being a hardy bunch, everyone braved the weather and made sure it was a weekend to remember.
With the town all but taken over, it was hard to see everything. The strip was as busy during the night as it was during the day, with incredible cars constantly on the move.
With the cops becoming ever more vigilant, this year they attempted to try and disallow all meets and gatherings at the usual spots, like the Taphouse and the Convention Center. People still managed to find empty parking lots, before the cops came and kicked them all out!
But with the approval of shop owners, and with police support, some meets were held higher up the highway, with the crowds obeying rules and staying respectful.
Although we didn’t make it to the actual show grounds this year, there was plenty to see cruising the strip and just “poppin’ a squat” on the curb and watching the traffic go by. As the show itself is strictly VAG, the rest of the awesome machinery present over the weekend ends up on The Strip.
John Ludwick Jr.’s incredible roof chopped Corvair was there, complete with custom Epsilons, no windows, and no heat… 
Kyle Eagleton also brought along his Saturn. Now rocking a super cool lowrider styled paint job
and rolling on Luxury Abstracts, it also has a custom built air ride set up and a full custom interior. Love for the unloved indeed.
As the weekend started to draw to a close, the realisation that tomorrow was just another Monday loomed strong. There is something special about being surrounded by a large
group of people that all share the same passion as you; each as unique as the other, but in at least one way, exatcly the same . The bond forged at events like this is unbreakable, and some of the friendships created over a wet, windy weekend in Maryland will last a lifetime.
Until next year…
All Photography by Sadie Fortin
You can check out the full album here: H2Oi 2015




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