Staggered ’15 – “As The Leaves Change…”

2015 was a big year for the boys (and girls) at Staggered. After outgrowing the old venue in Somers, CT. a new place worthy of such a prestigious event needed to be found. The perfect spot presented itself in the form of the Eastern State Exposition, home of the Big E, in Springfield, MA.


With the excitement of the new venue came hyped crowds, arriving early in the morning and full of energy. The change in location thankfully hadn’t cost the event any of the super laid back vibe it’s famous for.

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Along with the infamous “Neckbreaker” category, the change in location gave certain people the opportunity to park inside. This is where you could find the most detail oriented builds of the show. With applications numbering into the thousands and only a limited number of spaces, competition was strong, ensuring that the cars that found their way under cover were incredible.

One of our favourite things about Staggered is the lack of parking layout; you just park where you want. In a circle with friends? Go for it. Off by yourself? That’s alright too. This leads to amazing diversity when you’re walking around.

21552203364_168c4215df_h 21553947283_5f9f4e8bcf_h 21552187874_2abbb97434_kThe general attitude and vibe is always amazing at Staggered; this year even more so. People embraced the change of venue without any fuss, and it was good to see so many happy people and families enjoying themselves. How it should be…

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After the show, we met up with WCS’ good friend Jared Ferland to shoot his Ford Taurus. Not every day do you come across such a unique and well put together build. From the crazy suspension setup to the custom quarter panels fashioned from MK4 Jetta items , this car shows how much people are pushing the scene now. The work Jared has put in is obvious, and his passion to strive to be different shines through.MAke no mistake, he’s enjoying it every bit of the way.


As usual, WCS’ friend and TGC founder John Ludwick Jr.’s Corvair was looking incredible. The Halibrands complete what is already a totally of the chain car.

22185235151_5c88d33a43_k21553935983_d5d14e5245_h21986858850_a1bfe2e132_k 21987143028_475e14ebe1_k 22148803806_66ffa14089_k21987198338_64955fbea0_k22185204001_03dc0bac7a_k22148834726_78b469e1e9_k (1)

 Considering this was the first show at this venue, and speaking to the Staggered crew since, it seems like everything ran smoothly, and plans for the next year are already in motion.


All images produced by Sadie Fortin

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