Ultimate Stance ’15 – “The Finale”

After the success of last year, and the stratospheric growth in popularity of sister show Ultimate Dubs, Dean and the team from Dub Shows had their work cut out to make this year’s even better. They needn’t have worried…

Saturday morning brought a beautiful, crisp autumn day. The empty car parks and lack of drizzle provided the perfect opportunity for our tame ‘togs to fire off some shots.

22498645860_20276322ec_k 22673082842_f42cfd9605_k  22760296205_f444ddea65_h

The night before the show, we were privileged enough to be given the opportunity to publish the first shot of Dan from Wheel Unique’s incredible E46 M3 on BBS fans. Dan fabricated them himself, completely from scratch, and they look even better in the flesh that in the pictures. No, he won’t make you any.

22746677572_b1be3d63eb_k22660452166_0b646f9aea_k   22760193715_d8ec42a9ca_k

Our impromptu shoot was interrupted by the arrival of our stand’s star attraction; Ollie Pearson’s mind blowing, roof chopped, fully retro 1964 Porsche 356. Pure, unadulterated, automotive art.

22746702072_33b8b9588f_k22572332480_583bda3807_k   22760244035_73ad4c81d8_k

Inside, with the smell of carnuba in the air, the halls were already starting to fill up and the stands taking shape. From 11am onwards, a steady stream of some of the best cars in the country, hand selected from thousands of entries over months of deliberation, started making their way to their allotted spots.

22760306845_2465158c95_k22133310884_ef66d6c8ea_k    22746781432_0c1a64b79f_k

After what can only be described as an “eventful” Saturday night, the morning of the show itself saw (some of us) up bright and early, to ensure everything was ready for the public. With a few bits of last minute prep, the stage was set for the doors to open…


As the Official Media sponsor for the event, we were given an excellent position right at the front, next to the Show & Shine, and with a perfect view of the stage. This gave punters a good chance to have a proper look at the two cars on our stand; Ollie’s sublime Porsche, and Pollhard’s monstrous Audi TT; Beauty and The Beast in perfect juxtaposition. The irony of having one of the most iconic aircooled cars of all time on the Watercooled Society plot wasn’t lost on us…

22733042876_b7cd892768_k 22745517422_23647231d6_k 22733060826_2a471a8110_k

Official Show Sponsor, Auto Finesse, were given pride of place in the middle of Hall 2. As we’ve come to expect from the now globally dominating detailing product company, their display was utterly flawless. With their incredible Caddy, Mk2 and rare as you like high-top Bay in attendance, they certainly weren’t short of attention on the day.

22734974596_3b8ebfc0ed_k22119019604_7874356e25_k 22732964856_2631fe79f9_k

One of our favourite cars in the Show & Shine was Roy’s beautifully pinstriped Ford Taunus. This home restored Aussie bruiser was dripping with awesome details, and just goes to show that thinking outside the box pays off sometimes.

22138537783_e5b413a222_k22136862744_0150a3e749_k  22767726231_ceee8f2e43_k

Our friends over at Hayburner magazine were stationed by the main doorway between Hall 1 & Hall 2. As you’d expect, they were on top of their game, bringing with them an incredibly patina’d Split panel van and stunning 356 Coupe. Slightly left of field was their awesome slammed Lotus Elite, sitting pretty and wowing crowds all day long.

22553864260_6727fdbd2e_k 22745039122_4332402bf8_k22138239074_832584ffb8_k

Special mention has to go to Gary Dim Sung and his awesome B20’d Civic EF, which made it all the way from Leeds, despite managing to snap a wheel on the journey down.


The massive Wheel Whores stand in Hall 3 absolutely blew us away. We didn’t expect Elliot and the team to be able to top last year’s display…but they definitely did. From a 7.00 second pass dragster, through Philip Egan’s crazy Nissan Elgrand, to friend of WCS’ Bruce Holder’s amazing “Project X”, there was something for everyone. Ellie from Voodoo was once again on hand to help people with their wheel related woes, like poor old Dean…

22733923436_e5ba7ec57d_k22571879070_bb53ebd6bf_k   22746356692_3fded94e70_k22119162464_4e111a4a73_k

Ade Brannan’s Cossie was looking utterly sublime, sharing space with this unfathomably beautiful 911. Dan Taylor’s fanned-up E46 made an appearance too, in striking contrast with Rich Tapp’s brilliantly thought out R32 on white 1552 Tarmacs.

22120799623_164d8a2c5d_k 22767417361_30426a434a_k22137030694_4162d267de_k  22746364992_14e2dc80e0_k

Work Wheels brought along a fantastic selection of their rolling stock. Phil Morrison’s utterly terrifying Nascar based, LS-X powered AE86 drift monster was there, along with his freshly painted, heavily customised Murcielago.

22741941685_8654185309_k 22554026080_f8a32b5d69_k22137040354_8cbfb525c3_k

The coveted Hall 4 was home to some of the best builds of the year. With supercars vying for space with incredible audio cars, the room’s contents can certainly be described as ‘eclectic.’

22568348740_ed6b5e63e6_k  22568386860_ca0353a537_k 22770928741_43aa92c239_k 22770974961_7125bbeec3_k

Mr.Murphy and the Retro Rides boys had once again managed to bag a space in this room. Dean and Luke brought their exquisite Lotus’ (Loti? Lotee?) on air along, and shared the space with the fantastic gold P1800 that we showed you at Players, James Ibbotson’s awesome Imp and probably the coolest Mazda we’ve set eyes on. Mini-Truckin’ will be big very soon…


The atrium between the halls was crammed to the rafters with awesome stuff; with Ray (of Rayvern Hydraulics) crazy Amarok parked next to Shane Lynch’s new 370Z skidder, minds were being well and truly blown…

22753058611_69ad8b6e71_k 22570295690_7f9a66111b_k 22728294462_8d6354b9f4_k 22771344441_93fc2b2c7d_h

As we wandered out into a scene more reminiscent of Silent Hill than Telford, we saw more than a few familiar builds, but a good number that we hadn’t seen before. The standard, even outside, was amazing. Testament to the variety and quality of car that the event has attracted, even in just it’s second year!

22138556163_82f4ee0d6c_k 22138561513_1de8e9a52b_k 22569196750_1d4ff47e29_k 22731047306_f2a0e2c665_k22571719200_49bed19d9a_k  22743640012_5f9ee2756d_k

Friend of WCS Lea’s incredible static E36 touring on RFs was looking as shiny as ever. Serious love for this car.


Dave Clee, Glen Warrillow and the others put on an awesome display, repping the Up!s in style. Right at the main entrance, they were the first thing most people saw when walking into the hall. Keep an eye out for a special feature coming very soon on what two best friends can do with identical cars, using very different mindsets…

22570497590_116a997058_k 22759716815_cbc594bc10_k

We, along with many others, love the variety that Ultimate Stance provides. The format means that everything inside is of the highest standard, and that every taste is catered for. What a perfect close to the season.

22734953626_f263ecec3e_k 22120860213_264ca4822a_k22119215884_2364aa1ef0_k 22138609113_869c9c58de_k22120650333_fc6ded964b_k  22136971414_9d83443a99_k  22138877193_0fbdbf4dcb_k 22572024640_2e98246306_k 22728216082_5a84d0ff87_k

Until next year…

Media by:

Matt Clifford : https://flic.kr/s/aHskjXV59Z

Rick Wade : https://flic.kr/s/aHskoDdpvb

Mathew Bedworth : https://flic.kr/s/aHskk8sHrE

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