Dave & Glens’ Up!s – “Moving on Up”

The Static vs. Air debate is pretty much a constant in our little world. With basic air-ride kits now becoming more accessible than ever, and the technology growing more advanced, the humble coilover is quickly becoming less prolific at events across the world. So, upon seeing two of VW’s most humble of hatchbacks (for our American brethren, the Up! is Volkswagen’s smallest “compact”), you’d assume they were both on sophisticated and expensive air-ride systems. Right?

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Well, sort of. One of them is. The other one is static. And they’re both daily driven, on some of the worst roads in the country. We’ll just let that sink in for a moment…


When Dave Clee first bought his Candy White “Move Up!” (oh Volkswagen, so witty…), he had very definite views on how he wanted it to look. With the factory fitted Aero Kit already adorning the cute little city car, he was on to a winner before he started. With wheel choice able to make or break a car, Dave decided a set of the classic Porsche D90s, now finished in a fantastic bronze, would suit the car perfectly. He wasn’t wrong, and the colour coded side vinyls by 3NineDesign finish off the simple look a treat.


Glen Warrilow originally wanted a Light Blue (imaginative lot those Germans) Up! when he visited the dealer, but he couldn’t get hold of one. Cue buying a nearly identical car (bar the Aero Kit, which he’s now got sat in his living room) to his best friend. To try and quell the burning rivalry that was developing between the two (beard envy is a terrible thing), Glen plumped for a set of custom built 16″ Work Meister CR01s, boasting gunmetal grey centres and gold hardware. The bolts to stud conversion with gold GT50 nuts is the perfect finishing touch.


Interior wise, the boys have mixed it up a bit. Dave’s now infamous “Twerk It Miley” Avenue Performance wheel certainly makes an impression; not many people are brave enough to run a white wheel day to day, but, as anyone that knows him will tell you, he’s not scared of pushing the boundaries. When coupled with the Corbeau Clubsport seats, with backs painted to match the wheels and harness bar, Sabelt 6 point harnesses and NRG snap-off boss kit, this is a seriously well thought out place to be.

22993618316_5a7ca5f692_k  23006172462_72b5b565c4_k

Glen decided on a slightly more reserved, but no less impressive look for his. The beautiful, brand new Nardi 360 wood rimmed wheel is a true classic, and works far better than it has any right to. Continuing the “nothing but the best” theme, the Bride Low-Max Graduation seats on custom built frames provide the perfect repository for Glen’s weary derriere, after a long day at the office.

22601485087_9292f6410e_k 22993844296_b20cd0a733_k

Some of you have probably scrolled down without reading any of the article (you should be ashamed) to find out which is static. It’s Dave’s. And it really is driven at this height on the mean streets of Worcester day in, day out. It’s taken some serious work to get it this low; modified Weitec coilovers, along with custom front and rear arms giving -4.5 degrees and -6.5 degrees camber respectively. Judging by Dave’s recent Facebook posts, he might be investing in a sump guard fairly soon…

22993407796_50c13c223b_k 23030728901_a03281d800_k

Glen’s on the other hand boasts a bespoke, remote control 2 way system, courtesy of the wonderful folks at Havair. With the gauge and switch array tucked away nicely in the centre console, and the white tank and compressor nestled in the custom rear floor, this is a really impressive setup.


It just goes to show what two best friends, with all but identical machines, can do when they really set their minds to it. Both Dave and Glen acknowledge that they’ve pushed each other to build the best cars, and grow the best beards, they possibly can; they may have gone in different directions, but, if anything that’s driven them even harder. If you get chance to look at these two parked next to each other next year, do; the details in both builds are sublime.

We’ll leave the final words to Glen…


Media by Mathew Bedworth. You can see the full album here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskkLC6Jq

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