Björn’s Vectra C – “An Opel in The Rough”

The humble Opel (Vauxhall for our British brethren) Vectra C is a pretty standard spot on the roads of Europe. Solid, dependable, well priced;it’s the transport of choice for millions of families across the whole continent. And yet, you very rarely see a (nicely, anyway) modified example. Which is all the inspiration Björn “Camberburnz” (Burnz to his friends) needed, when he fancied building himself something a little bit off the wall. Björn became involved with Ballers, an awesome German society, back in 2013, and with their members owning some of the best cars in Europe, he knew he had to make a big impression…


Björn has always had a thing for the rare, and very good looking, Opel Calibra, which started his love for the German brand. He, like most of you reading this, has always been crazy about cars, spurred on no end by the release of the timeless Fast & Furious films. Starting off with this “Lichtsilber” (Light Silver, shockingly) 2004 Diesel (there’s a V6 in the works, so watch this space), he knew he’d have his work cut out making it into something to prove to the VAG boys that it’s not just Passats and Golfs that can stop people in their tracks. We think you’ll agree, though, he’s definitely pulled it off.


Getting it to sit like it does really was no easy task; no off the shelf parts here. The “G-ride” systems is basically a (professionally) bastardised H&R coilover, bestowed with Firestone bags. With bespoke camber arms providing -3° camber at the front and a whopping -7° at the back, along with rolled, pulled and extended arches, this family favourite is blessed with some seriously impressive fitment.


Björn’s wheels are completely uncensored automotive pornography. Measuring in at 10 x 18″  (et 17) on the front and a staggering (get it) 11 x 18″ (et-10) on the back, the stepped up Speedline Marianis, with gold hardware and Daytona Grey centres , really take this car to the next level. For those of you not aware of the “Dunkin’ Deeznuts” thing, it’s a nod to  our friend Nick Kraft, and basically means “show big balls”.


Björn’s philosiphy that he applies to everything is that “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, which certainly explains a lot about this build. The attention to detail is exquisite, and the fact that the modifications are so subtle, yet so striking, shows just how much thought has been put into this car. Björn has said that he’s met so many new people and made a lot of great friends through this car, and the scene in Germany itself, which we know is the case for a lot of us.

It’s a beautiful thing sometimes, our little world…


All media by Jenny Schillinger. You can check out the album here:

Photos shot at an amazing abandoned Canadian Military base in Lahr, Black Forest, Germany.

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