If you were at Ultimate Dubs this year, you can’t help but have noticed this Mk6 Golf GTI, in pride of place by the main door to the show itself, inside the hallowed glass atrium. The one that looked like a fresh out of SEMA, gen-you-wine LA street racer. It certainly caught our eye, and we managed to track down owner Steve Kempster (steve_rocket6 for you Instagram kids) to find out a little more about the bronze winged bruiser…


With the likes of Gary Sung’s awesome Civic, WCS’ friend and Wheel Unique owner Dan Taylor dirty E36 RaceVert, and a brace of turbo-fan’d machinery currently gracing the circuit, it’s fair to say “racecars” aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So, being a bit of a trendsetter, towards the end of 2015, Steve decided he wanted to get in on that. Up until this time last year, a simple static drop, some rimmage and an exhaust had kept the GTI ticking alone quite nicely. Until, in his own words, “the ‘widebody’ style had started to grow, but as far as i could see a Mk6 Golf had never been done. I’ve always wanted to be different and do things that hadn’t been done before.” So he set to work…


As inspired as the bronze panels are against the factory Pure White paint, that wasn’t a deliberate look, to start with anyway. You’ll probably have seen the car when it was all dipped Caliber Bronze, by AutoBodyWorx, in it’s first proper guise last year. Luckily, when Steve decided to peel it off, he left the wings until last. And the simple combo works better than it has any right to. The contrast with the gloss black diffuser, mirrors and badges is sublime. It’s all in the details people, like the gorgeous smoothed front bumper. The subtle touches are what got us talking about it so much. Although, subtlety went out of the window when he decided on…


…those arches. Those gloss black, 7″ wide, bolt on arches. They just look so right. But they didn’t just appear overnight, and it took some serious sleuthing on Steve’s part. “It took more than 3 months to find arches that I thought might work.” The hours of internet investigation definitely paid off though, as the fit is fantastic! But they’re not just for decoration, oh no. They were a necessity, and when you take a look at the Rota MXRs that the Golf’s wearing, you can see why. 18×10″ on the front and a stonking 18×11″ on the rear, these things are monstrous. Shod in gorgeous Toyo 888s, they transform the already impressive DSG GTI into an animal.


Brakes are standard at the moment, but Steve has ideas in the pipeline. For now though, they’re sufficient (just) to deal with the 3″ Milltek system (which sounds divine by the way) and custom remap. Plans for a big turbo and other shiny bits are all in the works, thanks to his friends at Narco Tuning.


It’s not just on the outside where Steve’s Mk6 stands out though; those bright red Recaro Profi SPGs certainly make a statement. Complete with genuine 3″ Takata Drift 4-point harnesses, this is a pleasant place to be, as well as having the advantage of looking totally badass. Racecar is life.


Up at the back, once you’ve dealt with your seat envy, you’ll have noticed the gargantuan chrome half cage. Flawlessly integrated with the raised false floor, which hides the hardware for Steve’s Autopilot V2 setup, it’s a simple yet devastatingly effective setup. The cheeky polished tank just making it’s presence known is the icing on the cake. As we’ve said before, simple and classy is key.


With big plans afoot for the coming year, including a possible colour change, Steve isn’t resting on his laurels. Definitely one to keep an eye on, this. We certainly will be…

Photography by Matt Clifford.

You can check out the video for the car HERE