Elsecar At The Races “From Little Acorns…”

…”Mighty Oaks do grow.” It’s a saying that can be applied to any number of events and entities throughout the world. And we can think of no better way to describe the history and meteoric rise in popularity of Elsecar. They don’t call it “The Megameet” for nothing you know. When a group of mates first got together 18 years ago to talk about Golf Rallyes, they had no idea of the impact they’d have on the way UK shows were organised. After several years, this gathering grew and grew, until even the Elsecar Heritage Centre just couldn’t cope with the amount of cars on display and the ever-increasing number of visitors. So, this year, they decided a new location was needed.  After months of recces, location scouting and meetings with local event centres, the Elsecar team decided that Doncaster Racecourse was the perfect venue for their new look show. With race courses becoming ever more popular on the UK show calendar, and after the FittedUK Team famously blew us all away with their take on the idea, it made sense for another one to hit our calendars. So, with a free Sunday and a tank of fuel, we took the 8-Series north…

ElseCar 2016-23

The sun definitely had his hat on as we arrived at Doncaster Racecourse, joining the hundreds of others already queuing to get in. As we parked up and started the obligatory cleaning, necks were snapping at the sound of an angry V8 entering the ring. When one of the first cars you see is a JPS liveried, Mustang powered Capri, you know you’re in for a good day…

ElseCar 2016-55

As we’ve come to expect from Jim, Roger and the team from Fueled Society, everything on their stand was of impeccable taste. As main sponsors of the show, they had an array of eclectic automobilia on display, ranging from the beautifully subtle to the sublimely ridiculous.

Robbie’s Hillman Imp never fails to impress; cute and low is always a winning combination. Now riding on Airlift’s new 3H system, with a set of incredibly rare  J A Pearce Magna Wheels, he’s killing the classic stance game. These are the real deal; genuine period wheels dating from 1968, not modern reproductions, and the car just look so right on them.

ElseCar 2016 ElseCar 2016-56 ElseCar 2016-25

We couldn’t leave without taking a proper look at Shaun Farmer’s incredible Lexus powered Toyota Cressida. I’m sure you had the same reaction to the pictures as we did when we saw it, mostly down to the inspired Ferrari Argento Nurburgring paint choice. Starting life as a lowly yellow auto, the detail and depth of this build is mind bending. It really is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

ElseCar 2016-3 ElseCar 2016-29 ElseCar 2016-26ElseCar 2016-28

As we moved back around the grandstands, we came across this incredibly well executed ’71 Bug. It’s hard to do something different in the air-cooled scene nowadays without it coming across as desperate, but the care and time that’d been put into hot rodding this properly was evident.

ElseCar 2016-54ElseCar 2016-53

One thing that was evident in the Show and Shine was the time and effort that the team have put into choosing the right cars. The mix was fantastic, and both air-cooled and water-cooled VAG fayres well represented.

ElseCar 2016-49 ElseCar 2016-52 ElseCar 2016-11 ElseCar 2016-8 ElseCar 2016-7 ElseCar 2016-6

Considering this all kicked off as a celebration of all things Volkswagen, the variety of amazing vehicles on display in the NON-VAG area was fantastic to see. It’s great to see the whole scene evolving year on year, and catering for all marques is something quickly becoming a must in the show world.

ElseCar 2016-22ElseCar 2016-13ElseCar 2016-16 ElseCar 2016-9
ElseCar 2016-17
ElseCar 2016-5126444684785_65dc4bec3a_o26443562845_a2d905c7fe_o26418829956_e77e0bd43e_o

With “inside” becoming the done thing for the best of the best, it was only right that the guys from Elsecar followed suit. With WCS’ affiliate Only Charged Dubs sponsoring the show, and being local, they had a major presence in here. The stuff Matt and the team are coming out with is genuinely World class. This incredible setup is crammed in the not exactly capacious boot of a Mk1 Golf.

ElseCar 2016-4025839499084_bcd35218d0_o

But it’s not all about air-ride setups and crazy installs. Oh no. There must be something in the water for the Yipp family, as this stunning MINI belongs to friend of WCS Joe’s little brother, Michael Yipp. With the help of Matt and the team making this go as well as it looks, he’s already well on the way to making a name for himself.

ElseCar 2016-39 ElseCar 2016-38 ElseCar 2016-37 ElseCar 2016-36

Car of show for us was Jack’s epic little MK1; with a Westie front end, Vabric seats and a stunning set of forged Fifteen52 2 piece Tarmac 348s, the thought that’s gone into the car is immediately evident. It’s just perfect.

ElseCar 2016-45 ElseCar 2016-4426444180965_e6ac899450_o 25841821363_2043c30f17_o

Matt and the team from Fifteen52 are good friends of ours, and it’s so good to see their creations getting the respect they deserve over this side of the pond. Warwick’s Audi RS3 is rolling on another set of Tarmac 348s, this time though in a three-piece arrangement. His RS3 is the ultimate VAG pocket rocket; these things are seriously quick.

ElseCar 2016-41 ElseCar 2016-4226378226711_96b1c10504_o 26418482636_1593170fa1_o-2

There were more than a few pieces of automotive art that caught our attention inside, including this rare as you like Mk1 Passat Coupe. We’re big fans of this. If this is yours, get in touch.

ElseCar 2016-4725839323294_e658935b4e_o

Josh Halls MK6 Golf as always looked stunning on those Stepped up BBS RSs. Yet another creation from the geniuses at Only Charged Dubs, the simple details on this car is exquisite. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming feature.

ElseCar 2016-4826171316710_f26b6b3394_o

The Route32 boys were there with their gorgeous R32 Caddy, along with Gabby and a few other friends of WCS.

ElseCar 2016-43 ElseCar 2016-35 ElseCar 2016-32 ElseCar 2016-33 ElseCar 2016-34 ElseCar 2016-31 ElseCar 2016-3025839408004_550358cf23_o 25841675793_e9b6934c24_o 25841680513_231149bc59_o 26171730350_eac829a4e7_o 26351799662_299e68641d_o 26352120672_ce6d129bef_o

The atmosphere on the day really was fantastic, it felt like shows did ten years ago, and it’s definitely somewhere we can recommend visiting next year if you’ve never been. We definitely will be, and can’t wait to see which direction the mighty oak will grow…

ElseCar 2016-27

Photography by Matt Clifford & Mathew Bedworth

You can check out the full galleries Here & Here.