Josh Halls’ Mk6 – “Whiteout”

Josh Hall and his beautifully simple Mk6 Golf have been a regular on the show circuit for the last 12 months or so, and it’s safe to say for 2016 he has, quite literally, “stepped it up” (genuinely sorry – Ed).

Josh MK6 Shoot

 When our good friend Joe Yipp (a member of the Only Charged Dubs Team) first fitted stepped up RSs on his Mk6 a few years back (you can check out his car HERE), he started a trend that shows absolutely no sign of slowing. Taking inspiration from Joe, Josh knew exactly the look he wanted to go when he picked up his gorgeous Candy White TSi.

Josh MK6 Shoot-5

In his own words;
“I used to run 17″ Autostrada Modenas, which I enjoyed building up and seeing them on my car. But always dreamt of the car on RSs.”

Josh MK6 Shoot-12 Josh MK6 Shoot-11

So when he managed to pick up a set that needed a bit of TLC, he approached the aforementioned Mr.Yipp, knowing he was the man to make his dream come true.

So, specs. Hope you’re sitting down for this; BBS RS 023 16″-18″ triple stepped fully polished dishes (9.5j et30 front – 10j et25 rear). The faces have been powder coated Candy White, along with the centre waffles. Gold hardware, genuine gold plated hexs, with an arrangement of different BBS caps from Josh’s collection, all wrapped up in Nankang NS2 tyres (215 35 18 front – 215 40 18 rear). And breathe.

But, with Only Charged Dubs doing the build, the wheels were never going to be the only things built to an incredible standard. Just check out the detail on the install…

Josh MK6 Shoot-3 Josh MK6 Shoot-2

We are lucky enough to have a really close relationship with the Only Charged Dubs team; the standard of their work is consistently impeccable, and having travelled all over Europe with them, they really are genuine guys with a passion for what they do, which is evident in the world-class build they seem to be churning out constantly. It’s safe to say that the install in Josh’s MK6 is “proper”, running Airlift Slam Series shocks & struts, Airlift V2 management, Japspeed rear upper control arms, front ARB removal and a perfectly executed chassis notch. The design and layout is the perfect accompaniment to the exterior; clean, subtle, high class, but with more touches becoming evident the closer you look. With a full GTD heated leather interior taking pride of place, Josh has made sure the car is as comfortable as it is simple. Sublime.

“I wanted to keep the car as simple and clean-looking as possible, but still something you look at and admire.”

Josh MK6 Shoot-15 Josh MK6 Shoot-19Josh MK6 Shoot-18

If you can drag your eyes away from the incredible backdrop, take a look at the car and see how many exterior modifications you can see. The work is so well executed and subtle, you’d be hard pushed to find them all. So; the front bumper has been smoothed, at the same time removing and smoothing the fogs, a GTD rear bumper has been added and smoothed, along with the diffuser, and the front arches have been widened beautifully, to make sure the silly spec RSs sit how they should. The front lights have been swapped for LED Xenon units, and those stunning cherry red LED rears round off the perfect package.

Josh talks about how he “always looked towards the US for inspiration for my MK6.” I think it’s safe to say he’s well and truly pulled off the Stateside look, and we’ll be very surprised if some of our American readers don’t take ideas from the car for theirs.

Josh MK6 Shoot-28 Josh MK6 Shoot-21 Josh MK6 Shoot-20 Josh MK6 Shoot-18 Josh MK6 Shoot-7 Josh MK6 Shoot-9 Josh MK6 Shoot-4

Whilst taking in the epic sunset, we had a chat with Josh about how it all started for him and cars. He tells us he’s always tried to ensure his builds have been clean and refined, but he is looking to go loud and radical in the future, with a rocket bunny kitted GT86 on the horizon. We look forward to seeing what he’s got up his sleeve next for the Mk6.

“I Remember the time I used to run BBS RS replicas on my static Mk6 Fiesta St, thinking I’d never own a set of real ones.”

Ain’t that right Josh. Never stop chasing your dreams.


Watercooled Society – Josh Halls MK6 from Watercooled Society on Vimeo.