LA MODZ’s “Shark attack” BMW 635csi

Over the past 10 years, Lala and his gorgeous E24 have had something of an ongoing romance; the look the car currently wears is far from being it’s first brush with modifying. The original build happened way back in 2006, when it was featured in Performance BMW. We thought it was about time we caught up on what 10 years of evolution can do to a car…


In his own words:

“The new look is how I originally wanted it to be, the first look was built on a budget, the new look spared no expense.”

The first thing you’ll have noticed are those incredible custom three-piece BMW M System 2 Throwing Stars. Originally a two piece design, Lala has had them custom built into a set of insane three pieces. Originally 17″s, they’ve been massively stepped up into 19″s, without losing any of the gravitas. If somebody had told me they have were putting 19″s on a 635, I would’ve told them, politely but firmly, to put down the Jaegermeister and take a good hard look at themselves. They really shouldn’t work , but oh my god they do!  Check the specs:

Front: 19X9.5″, 3.5″ stepped dish on 235/35/19 Pirelli P Zero tyres.

Rear: 19X11″, 4″ stepped dish on 255/30/19 Continental tyres.


One you manage to draw your eyes away from the stunning rimmage, you really start to notice the subtle changes Lala’s made to the car. Following its first incarnation in 2006, he’s completely rebuilt it from the ground up, repairing any rust (it’s an ’80s BMW), removing and restoring every panel, and finally treating the E24 to a full respray in this sublime BMW Motorsport Nogaro Silver.


Lala tells us he feels the car is a proper “mans car.” With the addition of the fantastically subtle but aggressive shark fins in the wings, he’s taken the “shark’s nose” nickname the car has always had and used it to his full advantage. It’s one of those mods that almost looks factory, and yet changes the car completely once you notice it.. All the chrome has been removed, and been replaced with Shadowline esque gloss black parts, finished off by the addition of US side markers. The side skirts are another subtle but worthwhile addition. Originally calling a Volvo 850 T5 home, they have been heavily customised to fit the 635, and you’d be hard pushed to tell they were anything other than factory. The the car left Stuttgart with green tints, but with Lala’s company LA MODZ being window tinting specialists, there was no way he could leave the glass alone. He’s replaced it with pre ’85 model brown tinted glass, but with that not being anywhere near dark enough for his tastes, he decided it needed a further 70% all round!

“EVERY TIME I drive my classic I love the respect I get, I can pull up next to a Lamborghini and still get more attention in my car”


Of course, with the exterior being as subtle yet face bitingly aggressive as it is, the factory trim just wouldn’t cut it. But there was no way he was going to get rid of the rare factory electric Recaros. Oh no. After hours of searching through samples and colour combinations, Lala spotted this stunning Terracotta Red leather, and knew he had to have it. The contrast against the original grey dash, door cappings and headlining is inspired, and is the perfect accompaniment to that beautiful grey coachwork. Orange is most definitely the new black…


When he made the decision that no expense would be spared, Lala knew that the car was always going to be on air. Completely custom built, using double bellow bags and Bilstein shocks and running on the ever dependable V2 management, it’s the perfect setup for the perfect car.


Being a man of many talents, some of you will know Lala for his incredible, hand built 1:18 scale models.


We particularly like the 8 series model. Don’t get ideas Matt…

When we spent the afternoon over at LA MODZ, it was impossible to get more than 5 minutes conversation without a friend or member of Lala’s family popping up to say hello. He really is a pillar of his community, and the car community in general:

“My older brother always had modified cars that stood out from the rest, I used to draw modified cars so progression to the real thing was obvious”

There was no way we could leave without a photo of the WCS E31 and it’s mentor…



Photos and videography by Matt Clifford.