Bagged “Fashion Sense” Volkswagen Rocco

First and foremost, before we delve into this one, there seems no better moment to introduce you all to the latest acquisition to our worldwide photography team; Hungarian Peter Mosoni. His work had been on our radar for quite a while, but we first met Peter out in Austria on our recent trip to Wörthersee (READ ABOUT IT HERE). We all instantly connected, as he did some light painting with Matt’s E31. His image quality and eagerness for perfection is nothing but inspiring, and we are very privileged to have him as part of the team. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed by his debut set as part of the WCS Family.


Moving onto the car in front of the lens; this is a little treat for our American followers. Through the streets of Velden, in the midst of Wörthersee Treffen, with the amount of stunning metal dotted around its very hard to catch the eye of passers-by. Fabien’s subtle but beautiful 2010 Scirocco seemed to garner attention wherever it went, and certainly captured our attention. The 34 year old Fashion Photographer from Lillé is used to striving for perfection and attention to detail, and it really shows in his build.


The paint is nothing short of stunning; it’s a bespoke colour he likes to call “Porsche Blue”. He won’t reveal the secret blend to us, but in person the car has an almost chameleonic shift from grey to blue in different lights. The paint has been laid over a fresh facelift kit, including front and rear bumpers, xenon head lamps, LED rear lights and the trunk. A full R32 brake setup ensures no harm befalls the beauty.

scirocco_3_26698298430_o scirocco_4_26971731735_o

Black and yellow leather with hints of carbon throughout makes the interior a sublime place to be, all finished off by a MK7 steering wheel with a complimenting yellow stitch.

scirocco_1_26367534053_o scirocco_2_26367534313_o scirocco_8_26938201266_o

The omnipresent combination of Airlift and Rotiform has been used to full effect by Fabien. Running on the famous V2 management, it hits the deck quicker than a customer in a bank robbery.  The wheels are a unique twist on Rotiform’s LHR design, being fully polished 19″ x 9 & 19″ x 10; they shine bright like a sequin on a dress at a fashion show.

scirocco_13_26938200766_o scirocco_12_26938201616_o scirocco_11_26971730895_o

Photos by Peter Mosoni.


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