Danny’s “Black Smoke Tyrant” Audi TT

Whilst visiting site sponsors and all round good eggs Only Charged Dubs, up in Doncaster, UK, we managed to grab a few minutes with Danny Mellor and his epic TT. Danny, 24, from Barnsley, used to own “that” glittery Audi A4 that we all remember. In his own words; “I’m incredibly boring!” Beg to differ on that, and sending his old A4 to the diesel wizards at Darkside Developments would suggest that he’s no fool. Naturally, there was only one place the 2.0 TDI TT would end up…

bits_27184446436_o bits-8_27149783031_o

Hitting the dyno at 255bhp & 405ft/lbs, Danny recently took a leisurely blast down the strip in 13.46s with a terminal of 102.55mph. Not to bad for a hairdresser’s car. This is more than just a plug in remap however. To get the TT this quick, a Darkside Developments GTB2260VK turbo kit, including stainless steel tubular manifold + stainless steel downpipe, EGR + cooler delete, Darkside uprated S3 intercooler + Darkside hardpipe kit, custom remap, custom twin exhaust with 3.5″ tips, custom intake with AEM Dryflow filter, along with prototype fuelling upgrades have been employed. Impressive. For more information check it out on the Darkside website, http://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/audi-tt-mk2-2-0-16v-cr170-cbbb/


Of course, being an Only Charged Dubs demo car, it has a bespoke air set up; running Airdynamiks Air Struts with Air Lift 3P Management, SMC check valves and what can only be described as pornographic hardline work. This is the Only Charged Dubs holy grail.

bits-12_26613107973_o bits-11_27184690306_o

Danny is constantly being asked about the gorgeous wheels. Being good friends with the guys at 3SDM, plans were hatched and meetings held, resulting in these these totally bespoke beauties. So, at 7pm on the day before Ultimate Dubs, the 3pc Forged goodness arrived on the doorstep of Mr Mellor. In 19×9.0″ flavour all round, ET40, polished lips, gold faces and contrasting black hardware, these are very, very handsome wheels. You can’t buy these anywhere, they were literally made for this car. They’re a pretty special thing.

bits-6_27219449465_o bits-4_27122822722_o bits-2_27123110292_o

With all that power, Danny decided a race car style interior was the only way to go. But with the car being his daily driver, he wisely decided against stripping the interior fully. With a custom half cage for extra safety and stiffness, contrasting yellow seat belts, pin point accurate Hewitt Industries boost gauge, comfortable yet racey Corbeau Club Sport buckets, updated Mk3 TT Steering Wheel and  an S1 Alloy Gear Knob, it’s a genuinely nice place to be.

bits-3_26614374773_o bits-10_26943292780_o

 We’re big fans of what Danny and the boys from Only Charged Dubs have put together. Oozing with style, dripping with power and positively salivating custom touches, this is an exceptionally well put together, and yet subtle car. Just what we like…

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