Only Charged Dubs Summer BBQ

A few weeks ago, our friends and sponsors, Only Charged Dubs, invited us up north to attend their inaugural BBQ Open Day. The promise of burgers, sausages, beers and cars was obviously something no sane man could refuse. Ashamedly, this was to be our first time at the shop, and offered the perfect opportunity to have a nosey at some of the upcoming projects coming out the workshop.It only confirmed what we already knew; that the work Matt and the team churn out is world-class.


The event was in full swing when we arrived in the afternoon; the BBQ was sizzling, drinks were flowing and the banter was forthcoming. Trying to squeeze two events into one day was no easy task; with this and Stance Fever almost two hours apart, the race was certainly on to make it to both with enough time to have a proper look around.
Some quality cars and friends of the business had made the trip over, to sample the promised meaty treats.

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Joe Rampling’s Rocket Bunny kitted GT86 was a particular highlight for us. This is a build we’ve been following closely on Social Media for some time now; with wide sticky tyres, super aggressive stance and a huge rear wing, it certainly talks the talk.


Local boys FittedUK were in attendance, citing themselves conveniently close to the barbecue. After having a chat with head honcho Alex about this year’s show, at Event city in Manchester, we caught up with Josh, and had another good look around his always immaculate MK6. You can check out our recent feature HERE.

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It was nice to see two motorsport legends in attendence; with RS2s seeing upwards of £50k now, it’s always nice to see them out and about, rather than locked away in heated garages. It’s the same story with the gorgeous Mk2 Rallye; prices are quickly heading north of £20k, and the black example at the BBQ was an absolute peach.

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Of course, the Only Charged Dubs Team’s cars were proudly out on display, showcasing some of the best hardline and airlift fitting work in Europe. These guys seriously know how to build these systems- the quality is second to none, and we can confirm their barbecuing skills are definitely up to scratch…