Show Report | Eurosunday

Kristof and the team behind Eurosunday are good friends of WCS, and we’ve always said that the Belgian one-dayer is one of our favourite shows on the calendar. If you ever get the opportunity to, make sure you go, the vibe is as close to perfect as you’ll find. The vast open area puts us in mind of that from the Race Wars event, in the first Fast & Furious. With currywürst aplenty and beer on tap, teamed with typically European techno music, when the sun’s beating down as it always seems to be, it’s easy to see why everyone loves it so much. Although this year, Europe’s nicest builds nestled down on the concrete to a cloudier morning than usual, turning into heavy rain during the afternoon. It still didn’t dampen the success of what is always a fantastic European adventure.


Lets take a look at some of the showstoppers this year; first up…

29052016-img_3866_27277261682_o 29052016-img_3876_27304577791_o 29052016-img_4128_27340670086_o

This stunning little Mk1, running some very special three piece smoothies, created by split rim aficionado Nico at, 2Polished.

29052016-img_3895_26767359084_o  29052016-img_4025_27374616945_o 29052016-img_4020_27276913392_o 29052016-img_4079_27303999321_o 29052016-img_4073_27340800016_o 29052016-img_4097_27374429005_o 29052016-img_4121_27098749790_o 29052016-img_4117_27276682602_o 29052016-img_4147_26767767773_o 29052016-img_4322_27374012715_o 29052016-img_4357_27303446551_o 29052016-img_4382_27276191032_o

The attendance from the plucky brits was as strong as ever. With Kristof consistently making the effort to get over to as many UK events as possible, its only fair we return the favour. Plus, who needs an excuse for a European weekend road trip?


This insane Trekker caused something of a stir throughout the weekend. Coined “The Shrekker” it’s certainly different. We’ve not managed to find detailed engine specs, but I think it’s safe to say it’s running big power.


The Porsches are always plentiful at Eurosunday. Kristof has two of his own, so naturally it’s becoming known Europe wide as something of an excuse for the owners of Stuttgart’s finest to wheel out their machinery. We didn’t hear anyone complaining…

29052016-img_4372_27303410301_o 29052016-img_4359_27303443661_o 29052016-img_4071_27304041101_o 29052016-img_3934_26767257274_o

Same story with the air-cooled stuff. It seems like every year, the standard of Type 1s and their numerous variants (there’s a pun in there somewhere) becomes higher and higher. Some of the machinery this year was breathtaking. With our editor owning both an exceptionally rare ’53 and ’62 Beetle, it’s something close to our hearts. It’s nice to see people respecting their elders.


Since Wörthersee, the new shape Passat R-Line has been firmly on our radar. We can’t get enough of the super aggressive look, and the shoulder line lends itself really well to the car being sat on the floor.

29052016-img_4351_26766432854_o 29052016-img_4018_27340945266_o

This gorgeous Mk2 Scirocco certainly caught our eye. The BBS E50s are reason enough to admire this car, but the better than factory paint and lack of air ride really called to our inner purist. Simple things.

29052016-img_4174_26766760154_o 29052016-img_4180_26767693653_o

The perfect Autobahn stormer; this W205 C63 AMG looked seriously menacing. We like this.

29052016-img_3854_27277303112_o 29052016-img_3863_27277266932_o 29052016-img_3881_27099318200_o 29052016-img_3890_27341223826_o 29052016-img_3917_27341189046_o 29052016-img_3924_27304484091_o 29052016-img_3931_27099231660_o 29052016-img_3935_27374857215_o 29052016-img_3938_27374837465_o 29052016-img_3966_27304379801_o 29052016-img_3967_27304375261_o 29052016-img_4001_26768139613_o 29052016-img_4014_26768096163_o 29052016-img_4042_26768032453_o 29052016-img_4178_26766747304_o 29052016-img_4175_26766755914_o 29052016-img_4184_26767687233_o

The variety of vehicles can only be described, as always, as eclectic. Eurosunday always throws up a few surprises for visitors, and we’ve never left disappointed or feeling like we haven’t had our moneys worth.

As mid afternoon rolled around, the heavens opened and the rain started falling, it was time to pack up the camping chairs and get ready for the trophies.


The show always works so well in the location its in, the team have got it just right. The WCS team have fond memories of Eurosunday and our Belgian friends who run the event. Until next year guys, take a break; you deserve it.


Images by Costa Xouras

Full gallery is below.