Liberty Walk “Red Fury” Audi R8 V10

One thing both us normal folk, and non petrolheads alike can agree on, is that the R8 has massive road presence. Whether it’s the first time you’ve heard the roar of Ingolstadt’s flagship effortlessly rumble past, or if you’ve seen more than a few of the 50,000+ Audi has so far produced, heads always turn. Budapest’s Árpád Lakatos decided to go balls out on his 2009 V10; it’s safe to say the amount of effort, time, and no doubt money, has well and truly paid off.

img_4146_26639762233_o img_5202_27176011921_o img_4153_27148259712_o

The R8 has always been a beautiful car from any angle, and this one is certainly no exception. The original Audi Misano Red paint is a real eye catcher, and the Exclusive Carbon Pack offers the perfect contrast to the rest of the car. The Liberty Walk Kit, supplied by European pedlars of all things awesome, Dumped, was not only the first to be fitted to a V10, but the first in Europe! It certainly makes the already famously aggressive supercar look even more angry; you’d have to be a brave man to get in its way on the Autobahn.

img_5209_26638365154_o img_5198_27176012081_o

HP Drivetech supplied the suspension, and teamed with the always awesome AccuAir management, it gets the car right down to terra firma, whilst retaining the R8’s legendary handling – which, let’s be honest, with that much power, is essential! The wheels are an inspired choice; with the driver’s side sporting Rotiform Six, and the passenger side showing off Rotiform KPS. Both sets compliment the paint perfectly, the satin black giving them a very understated look, but at the same time bringing so much to the build. After much deliberation, it was decided 20″s would be the best fit, whilst retaining some level of drivability. The fronts sit at a modest 10J with 245/30s, with the whopping rear setup making up for it, coming in at 13.5J, shod with a 325/25s. Oohs. The tyres are equipped with some custom stickers, our Affiliates can create these, head over and get some made or order generic brand ones.

img_5191_27176012661_o img_5210_27176010481_o img_4145_27148260282_o img_5192_27148259562_o

The install of the air ride, along with all other modifications, were completed by Árpád’s company, RS-Tuning, along with sister company RS-Carbon. You’ll remember them (because you read all our articles!) from Lexi Roxx’s “Hardcore Huracan.” The quality of the build is utterly flawless, as you’d expect; literally nothing has been overlooked. We’re looking forward to seeing more of Árpád and his team’s work in the future…

Images by Peter Mosoni.

Words by Hayley Brzezinski.


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