SHOW REPORT | RACE! South Africa

For most people, when thinking of South Africa, we conjure images of picturesque landscapes and a tranquil lifestyle. What we wouldn’t necessarily imagine are the multitude of high-end, impeccably built supercars, spoiling the serenity. The owner of RACE! South Africa, Marco Casciani, has worked hard to break convention.

Exhibit one: This stunning Liberty Walk 997.2. Born a white Turbo S, she’s undergone a massive makeover, culminating in this flawless Miami Blue respray. Now home to a 685BHP EVOMSit motor, power is one thing there’s no shortage of. With the infinite adjustability of the VRH Umbrella suspension, the car handles impeccably, whilst also having the added benefit of being able to raise or lower ride height up to 75mm at the flick of a switch. The perfect finishing touch to what is already an incredible looking car.



The custom HRE  centerlock wheels fit perfectly under those gargantuan extended arches. With a full custom titanium Armytrix exhaust, the noise is akin to that of a thousand warriors. Angry ones.


Exhibit two: This Vorsteiner GTRS4 M4. As the old adage goes – “a picture speaks a thousand words.” No words needed…


Already one of the most aggressive looking cars on the planet, the perfectly proportioned carbon wide-body kit, one-off HRE wheels and hydraulic lifting coil over suspension conspire to make this this epic M4 even more terrifying. It certainly catches your eye. Before ripping it out, chewing it in front of you, and disgorging it on your dog’s grave. With a full titanium Armytrix exhaust, and numerous engine upgrades, it certainly won’t be going quietly into the night.


Exhibit three: The Liberty Walk 458 Italia. Those Forgiatto wheels, with exclusive brushed anodised centres are home to a not so subtle set of custom painted carbon ceramic Brembos.


The full Liberty Walk kit accentuates the already curvaceous shape of the Pinifarina penned beauty, without making it overly ostentatious. Running a similar system to the aforementioned 997.2, utilising JRZ RS PRO coil overs and an Umbrella variable ride height system, practicality (well, it’s a Ferrari…) can be maintained without compromising aesthetics. Originally Rosso Corse (red to you and I), the car underwent a full respray to the appliance white coat it currently wears. In keeping with the others mentioned, a full titanium Armytrix exhaust has been fitted to accentuate that beautiful noise. Soulful.


Marco’s workshops are just a stones throw away from the most famous race track in South Africa, Kyalami Raceway. Recently purchased by Porsche South Africa, the iconic venue has been through what can only be described as a huge makeover, making RACE! the perfect venue to showcase these one-off works of automotive art, all created within RACE!’s walls.

Photography by Robert Gilmaney

Words by Hayley Brzezinski


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