Richard Erdei | E28


In the deep depths of Hungary, lurking in the shadows, legend talks of a BMW E28 like no other…

Okay, so maybe not so much lurking, and probably not so much in the deep depths, but I’m pretty sure seeing this incredible build would give many people different feelings. This beautiful, sought after BMW wears a very different look to what most people would be used to, and we absolutely love it! The creation belongs to 20 year old owner Richard Karoy Erdei, and you wouldn’t miss seeing it out on the road. It’s definitely an eye catcher!



The deep blue of the paint is actually Shark Blau graffiti paint. Pretty perfect match for the build we see before us! The shark design, completed by a local Graffiti artist, gave the infamously aggressive E28 front end the perfect edge to make this one stand out from the rest.


The heart of this beast has been swapped out to an impressive M30B35, and with a modified head, pistons, and increased fuel pressure it’s pretty safe to say this shark is probably the fastest in the world! The AC Schnitzer exhaust gives the perfect tone to compliment the impressive engine, and will certainly be enough to exvite the aural receptors of any enthusiast that has the pleasure of hearing it.


Sitting static on super rare BBS RT 64 rims, this build has a faultless finish. With some major changes to the body of the car, including custom underbody aero at the back, taken from a drift car, a hydraulic handbrake, 4.1 Sperr LSD, and of course a modified brake system from the later BMW E34, we can only but imagine how much fun driving this would be!




All we have to say on this matter is how pleased we are that we get to feature this one off, exceptionally beautiful classic. If you’re ever in Hungary, keep your eyes open for this one, we’re sure you wont miss it!

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