So at the start of the year, the WCS team decided to mix up our European show routine, and see what other events on the calendar had to offer. One we all decided to venture over to was VW Days in France, hosted by Club GOLF IDF. Our team fell quicker than Jose Aldo in the McGregor fight, ending up with just Matt and his Dad left steering the WCS barge to the show. It was Father’s Day that weekend after all (awwww). With disrupted travel forecast due to the European championships, Le Mans, and several other events going on, we expected travel to be nothing short of horrendous. But, luckily, the outbound journey wasn’t bad at all, and we arrived at the hotel around mid day. Reports from the show itself didn’t sound promising however; with talk of sodden grass, stuck cars and general nastiness from the skies, we decided to stay at the bar and watch Le Mans, unwinding after our 7 hour jaunt into France.


After a well deserved rest, we awoke to blue skies, so we quickly got on our way to the show to see what was in store. Tucked away in the middle of the countryside, surrounded by quaint villages, lays miles of undisturbed tarmac, along with several wind turbines. In the shadow of the magnificent giants lay some truly beautiful machinery…

E16I064027771545762_9896762659_o27796766581_a202981908_o E16I0642

Just down from where we parked the BMW was what can only be described as the perfect display of colour co-ordination, Harlequin style. We salute you lads!


The main stage had constant music all day long, along with several displays throughout the day. The area around it showcased some amazing vehicles for the crowds of people to take in. These guys found the event that cosy they brought the couch from home! Fair play boys!


Rooth Jenkins has absolutely blown us away with her stunning Mk3 TT. This car went from bone stock to this within literally a week. It’s insane what a decent drop, some Rotiform wheels and an aggressive grille can do for a car.
(Wheels & Air are available from our affiliates CAR AUDIO SECURITY) #LifeOnAir.

E16I0614 E16I0616 E16I0617

Sticking with the Audi theme, this stunning A6 Avant blew us away-The fitment was totally on point. Starting with a super high spec car from the factory certainly helped; with snazzy lights, dark wood inserts on the interior and a black paint job Kim Kardashian would be proud of , it looked incredible.

 E16I0637 E16I0561 E16I056427261100674_78efcfbc9b_o27771862632_43f88b7249_o

The Beetles were pulling out all the stops, with various different looks being pulled out of the bag. From the beach theme with vibrant coloured air-cooled beauties, to Abi Clarke’s bagged new shape model, with clean lines and a US front bumper, running 3SDM’s. The main one which caught our attention was this metal bodied bug, looking like its ready to compete on the salt flats in some sort of Mad Max esque pursuit. Badass.

E16I0632 E16I063027261372423_b5c12b02bd_o27771585132_b93c3a5c66_o

Several other modern cars caught our eye around the show; it was like looking for gold amongst silver, everything was amazing! We’ll have a full feature dropping soon on the gorgeous TT shown above.

E16I0528 E16I0530 E16I0531 E16I0533 E16I0538 E16I0535

As you can see, the show stayed true to its title, with some of the best VW’s in Europe in situe over the weekend. The quality of the vehicles on display was fantastic- a true credit to their owners. This MK3 Rallye on some stunning BBS Mags stood out for us.

E16I0558 E16I0559 E16I0560

Although when we explored more of this massive show, we stumbled upon two magnesium shod German classics. First was this amazing MK1 Golf with racey centre-locks, a stunning paint job and one of the cleanest bays we have seen for a while, wearing polished metal everywhere with pride.

E16I054327838720296_d229a417f1_o27872799865_3b2efd89e1_o27594884770_a293931ec0_o E16I0548 E16I0546 E16I0545 E16I0544

Parked next to the MK1 was this stunning Volkswagen Derby. Drizzled in polished goodies and many shiny things, the crows were checking out this beauty all day. The interior with the quick shift gear box was a nice touch we particularly liked.

E16I0568 E16I0567 E16I0565

Matt Woodgate’s sublime 911 made the trip over-the concave LHR’s in white and red work so well! The seats and air install finish of the colour theme perfectly.

E16I0552 E16I0550

Of course, as our community grows, more and more Mercedes and BMW’s are in attendance at shows like this. We certainly aren’t complaining, its a refreshing change. The 500SEC was a first for us. We haven’t seen one done like this at a show for a while! What an absolute beaut!

E16I0620 E16I0622

Dan Guireys Wrigleys MK1 is a troublesome little car, and poor Dan always seems to have issues with this beauty. But seeing it at shows make it all worth while. Remember Dan, Wrigleys take a while to lose their flavour, so you better have some fight left in you to get the car sorted!

E16I0501 E16I0512 E16I0517 E16I0521 E16I0557 E16I0556 E16I0582 E16I0577 E16I0615 E16I064327596175220_b38a39cd44_o 27798627221_92f696ab0e_o 27840492356_a21588c8ba_o 27874483605_b2012eaebf_o 27260823324_c79688b519_o 27262232053_21b06763df_o 27260890614_27b7ed63f9_o 27263494813_b5806fcbd9_o

VW Days was a massive eye opener for us; looking at videos and photos from previous event doesn’t really show the vast scale and busyness of this event. It’s certainly one to put in your calendars for 2017, and take the short drive over to our French friends. How easy the crossings will be now is going to be an interesting first experience for us all.

Photos are by Costa Xouras and Matt Clifford
All images can be found on our Flickr.