Jean-Claude Le | TT V6


If you pay any attention at all, you’ll remember back in May we had the pleasure of visiting Austria for one of Europe’s best known, and biggest shows – Worthersee. Highly anticipated in the VAG world, the show (as you already know from reading about it on our previous post – if you didn’t check it here Worthersee 2016 | The Hills are Alive) most certainly lived up to our expectations. With Examples like Jean-Claude Le’s stunning V6 TT , we were more than happy to get some time to shoot and report back to the UK.


This fully specced S-Tronic, S-Line version of one of Audi’s best has been given a new lease of life in the distinctive Green Peridot originally sported on the 2012 Porsche Cayman R. The bold hue really accentuates the beautiful body lines and impressive curves that the TT’s have always been known and loved for. Utilising the impressive Airlift performance 3P management and Airlift Performance bags, I’m sure we can all agree how this car sits is pretty darn perfect!



You can’t really miss those massive colour coded RS4 front callipers, and they’re just one of a whole host of details that make this car what it is. An R8 kindly donated it’s 365mm discs both front and rear, and the highly understated and absolutely beautiful polished SQ5 20″ wheels show them off perfectly. The interior has been given as much attention as the outside, with the staple RS4 wingback Recaros providing both ample support and stunning aesthetics, giving JC’s TT the ultimate combination of comfort and class. The Weichers show cage completes the package perfectly.


It’s not shy on making a bit of noise too! With a non-resignated Magnaflow Exhaust, flowing from the cat back, it ensures that JC is definitely well heard, whilst allowing the much-loved all alloy 3.2 to breathe how it should.

To us, this is the perfect TT. Subtle yet distinctive, classy yet lairy. We absolutely love it. Even the incredible skills of our very own Peter Moroni can’t do this justice, it really is a beautiful piece of engineering.

Photography by Peter Mosoni

Words by Hayley Brzezinski

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