Raceism | 2016


Recently we had the pleasure of heading over to Poland for our first taste of Raceism. This year it was hosted at the Stadium Wrocław where enthusiasts came from all over the globe to have a taste of what Poland has to offer on the automotive scene.

Raceism is not just a ‘Euro only’ car show, it welcomes and encourages all shapes and sizes of any car from throughout the world. Raceism began its life as a regular meet for locals, obviously people caught on and from there it grew into the great show we see today. Now into their 4th year and the show has grown in leaps and bounds with the perfect mix of good music, great cars, break dancing and cold beer. All they ask if you are going to show your car is that you ‘Go Hard or Go Home’!

img_2470_27802820723_oWhat we didn’t realise was that the event is officially 2 days long, however we were lucky enough to be told by a reliable source that a pre-meet would take place with a few selected cars in Wroclaw’s main square, called Rynek. Understandably, we were extremely excited about this! The only way we can explain the atmosphere, is by simply stating incredible. As the automotive wonders filed into this small area, the excitement began to build amongst us all. Parking up on the old cobbled streets added to the, what was already perfect scene, whilst the attendees began flocking around the cars to attempt to capture this moment on camera. Also including the odd selfie with them!



The main even then came and fortunately, getting there early was definitely a good idea as it meant avoiding all queue’s! We even managed to get hold of a media pass – perks of knowing people in the Raceism team! The location for this big event was definitely a good choice! Having the cars surround a football stadium really gave a different feel to the event which we were very impressed by, albeit a little disappointed no cars where inside!




img_2490_27819694894_oWondering around getting the chance to enjoy the views of the many different walks of life that had come together for this show, was massively enjoyable. The atmosphere there was buzzing still from the pre-meet, also helped by a DJ placed on a podium!! And to top that off, we even had the excitement of experiencing some drifting, enabling participants to show off the hard work that had gone into their builds – in style!



Even the kids where at it too, showing their pride and joy off to the locals.. we cant wait to see what this little guy will build when he grows up!


All in all there isn’t anything we can say bad about this event. We had a brilliant time, and it was so refreshing to see how what started as a small gathering, had escallated into such an impressive show. This will definitely be in our calendars for next year too!



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