When a car is the first of its kind in a country, thats normally pretty special right? Not only is this RWB Porsche 964 the only one in existence in the UK, it was built by the man himself Nakai San as we know he likes to be involved in the build process of his creations. The amount of money to fly him over to even lift a spanner (or angle grinder) must be eye watering enough for any automotive enthusiast. We have all seen the videos of Nakai cutting up old Porsches on the internet, we have all sat in awe whilst he measures it all by eye and does it so accurately. Many Porsche enthusiasts grimace at the fact that these sports car icons are being butchered in such way, but when you see the end result and the craftsmanship you have to give Nakai all the credit. Ignore what his T shirt says, it was the UK honest..

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When we heard Akira Nakai San was flying in to create his work of art we knew we had to get involved, unfortunately we couldn’t be there for the build process, (we have holidays you know…). We sent resident photographer Rob along to see the finished product, luckily he arrived just as the coup de gra was being applied under the bonnet, the signature from the man himself, every other artists does it right…

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The build took place over three days at Profusion in west London. To create such a polished car in such a short space of time really showcases this mans talent, not only does he work on the body, it has a total transformation, wheels, interior and engine all get the bespoke touches. We don’t understand how he builds the car and has countless cigarette breaks in between over the space of three days.


So lets get our teeth into the story here, Raj and Jag at Profusion have been after a clean, low miles and untouched example of a 964 for several years. Scouring each corner of the UK to no avail, Raj was forced to look else where, LHD vehicles aren’t an issue for him having owned several in the past. One thing that was certain was it couldn’t have a sun roof which was a real stumbling block! Luckily this gem appeared online in Belgium, not to far away!


Once the car was back on UK soil the strip down began including taking the heart of the car out, the engine. Thomas at Lemass Automotive laid down a fresh coat of paint on a bare metal shell in Sunset Orange Pearl, one nice little touch is the delete of the roof gutters which was a period feature of german cars from this era. Smooth!
The orange theme continues through into the cabin, blending road and race car into one gorgeous vessel. The handbrake has been deleted to give the centre console that smooth look, the functionality of that is all now taken care of electrically.


The Engine has been tango’d as well with certain items getting a layer of paint. Engine was rebuilt and tweeked here and there, nothing major for now just usual upgrades, plugs, air intake etc. Profusion plans on upgrading to a 3.8 twin turbo in the future, LOOK OUT!

Once the car was back in the shop at the Profusio team started putting it all back together custom door cards housing JL Audio speakers and trimmed in Faux Ostrich skin and leather the dash has been decluttered as well removing several unnecessary controls. All the stitching or seat work has supplied or threaded by the gurus at Recaro, behind all this a sturdy half roll cage and a couple of 10 inch JL Audio subs the amp for these is mounted in the front boot.



Suspension and wheels are a dream matching of KW & Work, the full 4 wheel lift system called the HLS kit with V3 Coilovers are perfect for that stiff race car feel but with enough lift from the touch of a button to get you out of those sticky situations. (You all know what I’m referring to here!)
The wheels are a special from the guys at Work Wheels who have a special tie with RWB, these are specially made with RWB etched into the spokes of the Meisters, the special offsets are designed to fit snug under those trademark arches.


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Moving onto the main reason Nakai hopped on a jet to Old Blighty was the RWB kit, the guts decided to go for the extra wide rear fenders, code name ‘Royal Wide’. Finishing touches include Champion rear wing with trademark cut-out and rear fender spoilers. Lets be honest it will probably be a long time until we see another RWB Porsche built in the UK, RaJ and Jag at Profusion have lived the dream of probably 99% of the people reading this article, if you have read down this far then this sort of build is certainly a dream for you as well as us!


The car will also be with us on our stand at ULTIMATE STANCE.

Photos | Rob Schaverien
Words | Matt Clifford

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