Staggered 2016 | Massachusetts

Staggered is just different. Not in a pretentious or contrived way. It lacks classes, or model grouping, or even an identifiable theme. It just draws a wild range of heavily modified anything, and that is the best part.


First of all, registration for Staggered now involves a semi-gloss registration slip, and two proper tickets which you receive in the mail, like you used to get when you spent too much for an arena event. Except with a better approach towards graphic design than TicketMaster ever could drum up. Second, indoor show parking has a whole application process. And beyond that, of the cars submitted for indoor show parking, the organizers select a handful of favorites to be judged in the “Neckbreaker” class. None of which are segregated within the show hall from the others, in any way.


This makes for a very interesting walk through the grounds. Air cooled Ghia on your left, 60’s Chevrolet Bel Air on your right, and so on. The key binding element between each build, and every owner being the dedication to quality. Even with the constant precipitation outdoors, which some participants had driven for hours to attend, each example was presented to the highest of standards.


Rain cannot deter the spirit of the true enthusiast, but just in case, tents were also supplied for additional outdoor enjoyment.


Builds so fresh, even this late in the season. I, personally look forward to seeing more of Sam Wood’s excellent Slalom Edition Jetta coupe in the future.


And now we mark the end of a season of great show cars and weekends with friends, looking forward to doing it all over again in the spring time.


Photography: Sadie Fortin
Words: Brian Buckley

Check out the full album here: Staggered 2016

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