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It’s safe to say that the BMW M2 has forged its place as one of THE cars of 2016. With cars currently selling at nearly £20k over list, the interest has been colossal. With a not unimpressive 365 horses attempting to put their power through the rear wheels, and a top speed of 163mph, it is safe to say it’s one of the more interesting cars on the road. “Lairy” seems an appropriate moniker.

14102016-img_4812_29727514194_oAs with all things wearing the coveted M Division badge, the fiesty little 2 Series manages to look both smooth and subtle, whilst barely containing its rage at the world. Separating this M series from lesser trim levels, BMW have stuck to what they know and bestowed their humble little coupe with the haunches and child swallowing vents of its big brothers, the M3 & M4. With the front measuring 2.1 inches wider than the standard 2 series and the rear an stonking 3.1 inches, it’s certainly got plenty of room to swallow the VIP Modular VRS 15s. Measuring 19″ all round, with 8.5j up front and a gentleman worrying 10.5j on the rears, we’re very impressed with how this sits.

14102016-img_4745_30323114406_oWith the fronts wrapped up in 255/35 ZR19 TL 96Y MI SPORT CUP 2 MO1 XL and the rears in 235/35 ZR19 TL 91Y MI SPORT CUP 2 XL, you can be sure that the grip BMW spent billions engineering into its incredible chassis setup hasn’t been compromised.

14102016-img_4782_30241526572_o 14102016-img_4572_29729677834_o14102016-img_4581_29729398704_oWith no expense being spared, a set of KW Varient 3 INOX found their way onto the baby M car, ensuring it can be driven how it should be! Let’s be honest, with the sounds of the boosted 3.0 straight 6, you’ve got no choice but to drive this thing hard. It sounds glorious, and even the grumpiest of all old folk couldn’t climb out without huge smile on their face.

14102016-img_4568_30243678342_o14102016-img_4773_29727694204_o14102016-img_4737_30272439041_oWith BMW getting the interior so absolutely spot on from the factory, there’s little need to go messing with anything in the cockpit area. Anton plumped for bright blue stitching to contrast his black Nappa leather, emphasising the suave sophistication and attention to detail that’ve been paid to the whole project.

14102016-img_4784_30357943025_oWe, along with most of the automotive world, adore the M2. With the well-chosen and thought out modifications applied by Anton, he’s somehow managed to improve on perfection. This is one animal that really doesn’t deserve to be kept in a cage…

14102016-img_4562_30274078471_oPictures by Costa Xouras

Words by Hayley Brzezinski

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