Airlift Performance | Lucky Facebook User

Unless you’ve been living it up in a cave over the last few months, you’ll have noticed a bizarre trend circulating on everybody’s favourite social media platform; Facebook. People (or “blaggers” if you pay attention to Slamber) were messaging big brands asking for expensive, desirable products, in return for a specific social media engagement return. Some frowned upon people asking for freebies from both large and small companies alike, whilst others admired the ambition of these Facebook users. The biggie in the automotive world, the one that got everyone talking, was one received by the suspension aficionados at Airlift Performance. A5 owner Kizza reached out to them on Facebook, laying out his proposal and what he would expect in return, if he achieved a not unreasonable 20K likes, 10K comments and 5K shares.

 Not one to pass up an opportunity,  the marketing team from our friends at Airlift Performance did some digging. Marketing Manager Devin told us
“I thought it was only a matter of time before we were messaged. We looked at his numbers; we thought, let’s double it, raising the stakes to 40K likes, 20K comments and 10K shares, offering a full kit and more social figures for Kizza.”

Hey, after all Facebook advertising is an expensive game for big companies. The challenge was well and truly set, and the reward was waiting:



We caught up with the guys from Airlift to get their thoughts about the whole scenario, which went viral quicker than anyone imagined.

“We were all up through the day and night watching it. After publishing a blog early in the morning about it, people flocked to our website, because a lot of people didn’t believe it was real. He was the first one to talk to us, so we saw someone being creative, and just something different to try. The car scene embraces being unique, and that’s one reason we rewarded the effort.”

With his post exploding like no one expected, smashing the target in just 6 hours, Kizza wasted no time sliding all up in Airlift’s DMs.


Airlift held up their end of the bargain, sending out their latest 3P latest management system and bolt on kit for Kizza’s Audi A5. We followed his journey, as he booked it into Shrewsbury based Airlift experts CEVL Automotive. We were on site when the kit turned up. There’s only one things better than a big delivery of car parts…a big delivery of FREE car parts!

kizza-airlift-promo-kit-arrival_28923890073_o kizza-airlift-promo-kit-arrival_29256882070_o kizza-airlift-promo-kit-arrival_29512738226_o kizza-airlift-promo-kit-arrival_29256980140_o kizza-airlift-promo-kit-arrival_29546833245_o

Once Kizza had the bits loaded up, he wasted no time in getting himself up to CEVL. The guys there completed the entire job in-house, and did an incredible job; the management, struts, bags, and boot setup were installed with ease, and with all the lines run through the inside of the car, no expense was spared in doing it right.

kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30188414512_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30303495765_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30006678000_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30006257390_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30006207200_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30006180060_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30006566750_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30006425660_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30187456972_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30187398562_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30187652902_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30187671632_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30187738792_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30187881842_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30188458842_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30217150461_o  kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30217420151_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30268303126_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30268009736_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30268434666_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_29672740163_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_29672354843_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30267931236_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30268195126_o

The car rolled in stock, and rolled out a week later as you see here. That’s an impressive turnaround considering the quality of the work done. We really enjoyed our time with the guys, and they certainly know how to enjoy their work! Kizza can’t stop telling us how happy he is with the outcome, from what started as a total stab in the dark message to chance his luck. This a great story that really does bring the automotive community together; from customer, to product, large brand and the local garage helping out a fellow enthusiast, who through ambition and enthusiasm and beat everybody to the end goal.

kizza-airlift-promo-kit-arrival_28923844293_o  kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_30006160630_o  kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_29672603844_o kizza-airlift-build-cevl-automotive_29672300343_o

Photography by Mathew Bedworth

Words by Matt Clifford/Si McNally