Andy Lataille | Mercedes 280CE

Some designs are timelessly classy, and Mercedes exists to prove this time and time again. Today, I get to share one of my personal favorite examples of beauty in engineering: Andy Lataille’s W123 Mercedes coupe.


Bought on a whim nearly a year ago from a paint supplier who passed the not-so-casual sales pitch for months, the coupe came to Andy in pieces, albeit freshly painted in a shade of white from Mercedes’ more recent paint palette. The next few months were spent getting the motor to simply run, followed by a full and proper tune up and fluid flush.


Modifications are based heavily around a custom air-ride setup utilizing Slam Specialties’ SS6 air bags paired with shocks from a Ford Crown Victoria, and custom axles. With an original interior, save for the use of a Nardi steering wheel, the overall feel is classic, complete with the scent that only vintage European leather can provide.


In the future, Andy has plans to complete a show ready trunk setup, and will likely change from the 2 piece Gotti j55a wheels currently installed for a different style, which are yet to be determined.


I look forward to seeing what Andy has in store for this beautiful piece of German metal, and if his eye for detail on this finely restored example says anything, you know that future changes will be great.


Photography: Sadie Fortin
Words: Brian Buckley

Check out the full album here: Andy’s W123

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