Simon | 964 Carrera 2

So, I am pretty sure one thing we can all agree on in the automotive world, is that everyone at some point of their life has wanted or will want a Porsche. The sheer elegance of the body work, those beautiful curves, and classical designs, paired with their powerful and reliable engines; it’s kind of hard not to want one right? Luckily for owner Simon, he has the pleasure of owning this absolutely stunning example of the 1991 964 Carrera 2.

img_3033_30515316031_oPersonally one of our all-time favourites, the presence this car brings to the “scene” is incredible. The flawless Midnight Blue paint is thanks to a respray back in 2013, and in our humble sticking to one of Porsche’s original colours was 100% the right choice for this stunning car.

img_3077_30486692672_oThe H&R Deep Ultra-Low coilovers, supplied by Dumped, when teamed with the infamous Work Meister S1s wrapped in 215/35/18 tyres up front and 245/35/18 at the rear really do suit this 964 perfectly. The modern look of the Works really compliment the body shape and styling of this car, and it’s even more impressive when you realise that incredibly low ride height is static! Luckily for Simon, living in Austria with their beautiful smooth roads, I’m sure he doesn’t encounter half the issues we do…

img_3021_30529096266_oimg_3064_30515315531_oimg_3082_30515315251_oFear not, from the cockpit you get the same stylish good looks with a pair of Recaro Pole Position Seats keeping you secure, together with RS door cards and carpet, and to complete – a pukka Wiechers roll cage. No wonder Simon’s happy to spend his time tucked away in there.This is the Perfect setup for the car, not taking making it feel too modern, but keeping it bang up to date. Retro style with new school tech.

img_3093_30515315001_oimg_3040_29969684643_oWith a custom exhaust, it certainly sounds as incredible as you are imagining, and with the RS intake also playing a part you can’t get a much better noise. All in all, we absolutely love this Porsche. But for now, I’m off to daydream about the one I will own one day… Never living up to the amazing example we have here. *Sighs*

Words by Hayley Brzezinski

Pictures by Peter Monsoni

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