Jan-Eric Geugis | BMW 635csi

Simplicity is key. When Jan-Eric’s sharknose six series landed on my to-do list, I knew it was going to be a good one.


You see, when BMW launched the E24 chassis in 1976, they were in the midst of the success of the 2002. People wanted that sporty, yet smooth vibe, which could provide that luxurious experience in a hurry from the suburbs to the office and then out to whichever of the Long Island forks their crowd preferred.


Jump forward to 2017, and the 635CIS now exists as a timeless example of that very idea. Accessible excess. Get-out-of-my-way comfort. Supple leather, yet with the sort of bolsters that encourage you to get rowdy on a familiar b-road.


Enough of my own mind wandering in the fantasy of the perfect sport-luxo-barge. Jan-Eric has kept it simple. This makes my job easy because he did it the right justice that this segment deserves, retaining the original polaris-silver paint, yet putting in the effort to let it shine the way this gem was intended to. Embracing that executive cruiser experience, yes, this car is equipped with an automatic transmission. As enthusiasts, many of us dwell on the need for that third pedal, but we need to occasionally be shown a fine example where an automatic transmission is the perfect choice.


Now, it wouldn’t be a Watercooled Society feature without a little modern reinterpretation. Airlift Performance V2 airride is the perfect solution for setting this BMW right on the ground, neatly over a gorgeous set of BBS RF in 18×10 & 18×11.


Inside, you’re treated to a clean black leather interior centered around a pair of M6 sport seats. Eric topped this class off with a wooden steering wheel from Nardi, for that right feel while out on the roads.


Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for my next chance to see another great example of that highway dominating vintage European done with such subtle confidence.

Photography: Peter Mosoni
Words: Brian Buckley

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