Mario | Mercedes-Benz W124 300E

In 1984, Mercedes Benz came up with something very special.  In what we imagine to be a typically Germanic drawing room, somewhere in Stuttgart, the iconic W124 shape was penned. Mario’s 300E is without a doubt one of the best examples of one of the greatest cars ever to wear the 3 pointed star.

Finished in deepest Midnight Blue, Mario’s Benz really stands out in a crowd, and for all the right reasons. The imposing lines of this 300E are instantly recognisable. For exactly this reason, Mario has kept all of the body work simple and true to its standard form. Well, with the exception of widening the arches to accommodate those 16×9″ Klutch Republic SL1 wheels.  Which, I think we can all agree, suit the classic look of this example perfectly.

Fairly obviously, the E class is on air ride. Completely custom, the setup was fabricated by WCP (Willy’s Cars & Parts) and ASW (Auto Sewi Wolfern), two very good friends of Mario’s. It certainly finishes the cars look flawlessly, and with the added practicality air ride provides, you can’t argue the correct choice was made here.

The Austrian diplomat flag really does add that little something extra to this car.

The interior has been kept largely original, and the factory seats in the original grey leather really do sit very well with this build.

Now we are going back to dreaming and reminiscing of Worthersee, and the incredible cars the show produced this year.


Musings by Hayley Brzezinski

Photography by Peter Mosoni

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