Valtteri Vartiainen | Porsche 997 Carrera S

With so many fast, modified two door cars with big fuck-off spoilers and forged wheels getting featured on the internet these days, it’s hard to stand out. Valtteri Vartiainen, of Finland, has managed to do just that today with his beautifully purposeful Porsche 997.


I write this after working a full day, and then chasing that with a few hours of side work. But this piece isn’t about me, it’s about a young Finnish entrepreneur, who has put a decade into building multiple transport businesses and has active plans to get into restaurant ownership. This absolute dedication for the hustle and creativity is shown in heaps all over his Carrera S.


First off, the platform of choice is an already very capable 991 Carrera S “StreetCup”, with a factory Power Kit, Dynamic Chassis Control, and the seven speed PDK transmission. From there, Valtteri had Björnwerks swap in some KW coilovers and a set of Rotiform wheels, cleverly using both their LVS & VCE-T designs, sized at 21×9 & 21×11. Out back, a set of Fabspeed cat-less downpipes was combined with a valve controlled exhaust from iPE to really let the 3.8 breathe when called for, or keep it civilized if absolutely necessary. The noise this made through the mountains of Slovenia was something that will stick with us always. Breathtaking.


But this isn’t just a wheels and suspension build. The exterior includes a GT3 front bumper, complimented by a lip, front fenders, bonnet, and a massive carbon wing from the Porsche Carrera Cup lineup, to give it that perfect, seriously aggressive look.


Inside, the driver and passenger experience leather on not only the Sport Plus seats, but also the dashboard, headlining, and door cards. The sport feel is carried over to a red tacho and seat-belts, which are nicely complemented with a touch of colour on the Rotiform center caps. You’d call this “subtle” if it were basically any colour besides red, but I find it extremely fitting for this style.


Valtteri, of course, is already considering a widebody kit paired with an updated set of wheels to fit. I wholeheartedly look forward to seeing this next iteration of his great Porsche, and hope you do, too. You can always count on the Finns to push the boundaries…

Photography: Rob Schaverien
Words: Brian Buckley

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