Double Trouble | BMW E30’s

Whats could be better than the effortlessly classic lines of the BMW E30? How about the effortlessly classic lines of two of them? We were lucky enough to grab some time with the owners of these two perfect examples, both beautifully executed, but as different as they are the same. And to top it off, it was in the one of the most picture perfect places in the world: Worthersee. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate these wonders of the automotive world.

If these two are anything to go by, if you’re from Norway and wear the moniker “Morten”, it’s National Law to own an E30. You also have to finish said car to perfection, ensuring nothing is over looked; that every detail is taken care of.



Yup, they’re both from Norway. And both owned by guys called Morten. who, unsurprisingly, are great friends. And the similarities don’t end there…

Both cars are running on the now apparently industry standard AirLift. Morten’s is on 3P, whilst Morten’s is on V2. This is becoming confusing now, let’s just call them the Red One and Grey One, yeah? The Red one is running the Top of The Tree 3P (ha, it rhymed), along with those beautiful colour coded and tucked RSs, with gold hardware & caps. The Grey One (keeping up?) is on the older but no less impressive V2, which it needs to sit itself over the insane 16×10″ & 16×11″ RSs that Morten decided on.

The heart of these beasts however, are what differentiates the two. Morten’s Grey One stole the heart, quite literally, of an E36 M3, and is now running the ubiquitous S50B32 powerplant. Morten, however, decided to go for an E46 M3 S54B32 block. They are both running the factory individual throttle bodies, but with a few “small” additions. Mainly in the form of some of the most sublimely beautiful & over the top trumpets we’ve ever seen.

The noise of these two together was something neither we, nor the residents of Velden, will ever forget. See you next year…

Photos by Rob Schaverien

Ponderings by Hayley Brzezinski

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