Phil’s Bagged Volvo Amazon

Growing up in the Northeastern US, a car like the Volvo Amazon is a bit of a Unicorn. We are plagued with harsh winters, which means even harsher salt on the roads. Sensible parents in the suburbs chose minivans, small sedans, and basically anything that you could fix with an adjustable spanner and a hammer. This meant we had more than one Plymouth Volaré or Mercury Grand Marquis in the driveway over the years, and never something with such a beautifully sophisticated shape as Phil’s Volvo Amazon sedan.


Designed in the late 50’s this great example was, at the time, very cutting edge and has since aged perfectly and still fits in extremely well with the more modern vehicles we see on today’s roads. It survived the decade of two-toned tail fins with grace, and has now landed in Phil’s hands. This is where it’s journey really began. It’s gorgeous sleek body panel lines and bubbly shape has been preserved under fresh black paint, and has given this stunning example a new lease of life.




Our reliable sources advise us that Phil’s beautiful example of this car is fully loaded with complete Airlift suspension setup, along with some extra fabrication to get that perfectly dropped look. Under these stunning arches the car rests on an impressive set of three-piece Zender wheels, which with the bold, but very complimentary gold faces really gives that extra bit of shine to set off the look impeccably.








The classic, vibrant red leather interior really gives this car the added pop of colour to ensure it stands out from the crowd. It most certainly caught our eye and of course, for all the right reasons. This colour combination is one that has suck throughout the decades of transformations in the automotive world, and is as desirable now as i’m sure it was then.








We are very proud to have had the pleasure to shoot this car, and to have seen it in person. I’m sure we can all agree that it is undeniably, a beautiful example of such a rare car and we definitely want to see more of them around. Low, shiny cars will never go out of style. Keep it up, Phil.


Words: Brian Buckley
Photography: Peter Mosoni

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