Watercooled Society was established in 2012, by a small group of like minded friends who had similar goals, passions and aspirations. Over the years, we have grown into a tight knit family. members have come and gone, but the ones that can take the heat are still here, providing some of the best media and concise articles out there.

We have a very talented group of photographers, videographers, designers and writers in our family, and we are always expanding our name across the globe; from the USA all the way to Africa. The photo above was taken at Southern Worthersee in 2014, where our worldwide family all came together for the first time in person. Some of us crossed over 7 hours of the United States of America, others flew across the pond from the United Kindgom.

Our passion brought us together, and we want to share that drive with others, creating a thriving community for everyone.